Tip 1: Keep Things after Use 

The first tip, we have to keep the things after we use be it in the kitchen, living room, dining table, and rooms. If we are already done with our business on these things we put outside from its place, we need to make it a habit to put it back. Also, if we have kids, let us teach them how to be tidy as early as they can. We can start this by teaching them how to keep their toys after playtime. This will help not only us but also them. It can teach them how to stay organized and neat at all times. 

Tip 2: Clean One at a Time 

Next tip, we need to clean our house one at a time. Let us start from an essential room. 


Right after breakfast, we need to ensure that the plates and glasses we used are washed and cleaned. This is the first room to clean since leftover foods can bear toxic and bacteria that can spread throughout the room. Also, there can be pests such as mice, flies, and cockroaches that can take away the leftover foods on our plates. Isn’t it disgusting? So, we need to keep in mind to clean our kitchen first. Wash the dishes, clean the dining table, stove, and floor. 

Living Room

After the kitchen, we can now proceed to the living room. This must be the second since there can be unexpected guests that’ll come over. So, we better make sure that our living room is warm and hospitable enough to welcome guests. 


Next, let’s proceed to the bedrooms where we need to fix the beddings and clothes. Here, the task is only a little, and it can be way better if we teach other family members to fix their beddings right after waking up. This can help us cut time, and we only need to vacuum the floor. 


Next, the bathroom must be cleaned, especially the toilet bowl. We can use chemical cleaners to speed up the process. Make sure also to leave a scent inside. 


Lastly, we can clean the outdoor by sweeping the leaves and twigs. 

Tip 3: Make a Daily Schedule 

Lastly, we need to make a daily schedule of our cleaning. Better if we start it by the morning. It is well-recommended to start cleaning as early as 8 am as it can also serve as our exercise. Now, the time when we’ll finish the task depends on us and the surrounding factors. If we don’t have any distractions, we can clean the house for an hour or two. If there are distractions and if we have children, it can take a lot. But still, the main purpose of this is that we make efforts to clean the house. As long as we don’t stop cleaning, we can achieve results. 

Above all, keeping the house tidy and neat is an important thing to do. By upholding this, we are generating more positive vibes inside our house that can be passed to each member of the family. Another tip, better if we have plants inside as it can elevate the mood.