Is your life often busy? If so, you will find yourself unable to perform fitness exercises.

As you probably know, daily fitness exercise is effective in optimizing your overall health. However, due to busy schedules or you assume that you will need a resistance or strenuous cardio training at the gym.

The truth is, we do not need several pieces of equipment or a gym membership to lose weight, build muscle or get a sweat on. You can have good fitness exercises in the comfort of your home.

The following five fitness exercises you can do at home target large muscles that can provide core strength and stability. The good news is that you will not need any special equipment. What’s more, you can either do the exercise together in a single workout session or try splitting them up the entire day.

1. Push-Ups 

While push-ups may sound very basic, it remains to be one of the most effective exercises. You can even modify the intensity through hand placement changes. 

Do this exercise by:

  • Starting in a plank position and ensure that your core is tight, the neck is neutral, and shoulders are pulled down and back.

  • Bending your elbows and then lowering your body down to the floor. Extend elbows and start over when your chest grazes the floor. Keep the elbows close to the body in every movement.

  • Completing three sets as many reps as possible.

2. Lunges 

Lunges can be a significant part of your well-rounded exercise routine as it they challenge your balance. The also increases glutes and leg strength and promotes functional movement.

Do this exercise by…

  • standing with the feet shoulder-width apart. Ensure that your arms are down at your sides.

  • taking a single step forward along with the right leg. Next is to bend the right knee and stop once the thigh is parallel to the ground.

  • Pushing off the right foot and going back to the right position. Repeat the cycle with the left leg.

  • completing ten reps for three sets.

3. Squats

If you want to improve your lower body’s major muscles, then squats are a perfect exercise for you. The exercise also helps in shaping firm the thighs and buttocks.

Do this exercise by…

  • standing straight with the feet a little wider than the shoulder-width apart. Ensure that the arms are at your sides.

  • bracing the core and keeping the chip and chest up. Next is to push the hips back before bending the knees.

  • ensuring the thighs are parallel to the ground. Bring the arms out in front comfortably and pause for a second. Extend the legs and go back to the starting position.

  • completing three sets of 20 reps.

4. Planks 

Performing planks will strengthen your abdominal muscles. The exercise also stabilizes the core.

Do this exercise by…

  • starting in a push-up position and ensuring that the hands and toes are planted on the ground firmly. You also need to ensure that your core is tight and your back is straight.

  • keeping the chin a little tucked and gazing in front of the hands.

  • taking deep and well-controlled breaths and maintaining a tension throughout the body.

  • completing two or three sets of 30 seconds holds to start.

5. Burpees 

For an effective whole-body exercise, try burpees. Th exercise is known to improve muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Do this exercise by…

  • standing upright with the feet should-width apart. Ensure that the arms are at the sides.

  • starting to squat down while the hands out in front. Once the hands reach the ground, start popping the legs straight back into the push-up position.

  • jumping the feet up to palms. Ensure that the feet are close to the hands and let them land outside the hands.

  • standing up straight and bringing the arms above the head before jumping.

  • completing three sets of 10 sets.


You can try beginner, intermediate, or even advanced home workouts and ensure to perform them correctly and consistently. These exercises can be as effective as you usually see in the gym. When performing these exercises, the key is to concentrate on strength training. That is because resistance exercises will boost lean mass, especially if you aim to build muscle.

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