Are you a cat lover and you want to give some entertainment to your pet at home but you do not have something new to offer? Then how about doing it on your own to make it more creative and personalized? When you tried doing your own cat toys, your cat will surely be amused, and it would be much better than those being sold in a store. Below are some of the most creative cat toy ideas that you can try doing at home.

Cat Toy Using Homemade Paper Roll

Do not throw away your toilet paper rolls because it will still serve a purpose as one of your cat toys. Using your toilet paper roll and with the help of a hot glue, you will give your cat a favorite treat by creating a treat puzzle or rattle made of a cool sphere.

Cat Toy Made out of socks

With the use of your old pair of socks, your pet cat can flip it by making it a personalized crinkly fish sock toy.

Cat Toy made of catnip yarn balls

All you need to do is to reimagine your classic yarn ball. You will be able to create a yarn ball that will not unravel and stick into a catnip in order to keep your pet cat transfixed. The things that you only need are catnip, glue, yarn, and Styrofoam balls in order to create the catnip yarn balls.

Cat Toy Made of string and Feather

If you want ot have a more elegant craft, then you can try making bells with feathers attached. It will serve a dual purpose because if your cat doesn’t like it, you can use it as a home décor.

Cat Toy Whack-A-Mole

Do you have an extra cardboard box and soda at home? Then with the use of those items, you can make a whack-a-mole game specially made for your pet cat. You just need to add some art supplies, and then, voila! You already have the perfect cat toy for their enrichment.

Cat Toy Cardboard Cat Palace

You can take a cardboard up to the highest level by using it in creating a cat house. You just need to add some extra box in order to make a multiple storey.

Cat Toy Pipe Cleaner

Doing a piper cleaner as a cat toy is just very simple. The only things that you need are piper cleaners, and the shinier of it will be much better and will keep your cat entertained for several hours.

Cat Boy Made as Cardboard Mouse

Mice and cardboard serve as a funny combination. The only thing you need is to draw mice, cut out the cardboard with the use of scissors, and then it’s done. It will keep your pet cat entertained for long hours.

Cat Toys as Felt Emoji

Do you want a cat toy softer for your pet? Then you can try doing fun emoji that are made out of felt. All you need to do is to fill it with a catnip, and then your cat will surely enjoy it.

Cat Toy as Menswear Mice

One of the best cat mouse toys you can have is making a menswear mouse because it is classic. With the use of those old shirts at home and suit jackets, you can already have this cat toy for your pet.

I hope you will enjoy these cat toy ideas. Aside from the entertainment it brings to your pet cat. It will also bring out the creativity in you.