Stockholm is often called the Venice of the North because of the number of peninsulas and islands of Lake Malar’s outflow to the Baltic. It has a very charming setting because it lies in the middle of land and water like the pattern of the waterways that encompasses the city, the crags that reap coming from the sea, the fringing skerries of the coast, and so on and so forth. Stockholm also has world-class galleries, museums, theaters as well as exciting parkland that makes it hard to travel around.

Stockholm also has an amazing underground railway system such as the Tunnelbana that will take you all over the city. They have also have a lot of busy buses that will bring you to every destination. If you have time to walk around Stockholm, your foot will enjoy the terrific city. Aside from that, the city also offers a bicycle lane, which the locals enjoy. The People of Stockholm are proud to say that they are residing in what they call the “living city.” To give you more ideas about the amazing places that you can see when you travel to Stockholm, below are the five must-see places.

Vase Museum

The Vasa battleship is the pride of the Swedish Imperial fleet; however, because of the Titanic disaster, it sank on its voyage in the year 1628. In the year 1961, an amazing salvage operation looks place, which brings this amazing time capsule. Ninety-five percent of the battleship is original. Three masts of the museum’s roof do not only serve as tourist draw because they were reconstructed to the exact specification and height of the original ones. Vase museum is considered as the most visited museum wherein millions of people come every year to watch exhibitions and the history of the ship. For those below 18 year old, then you can come here for free.


This place is considered as the museum of contemporary photography. You can enjoy the complexity of the restaurant, gallery, café, and store from the top floor. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the city’s most breathtaking view.

Boat Tours

Stockholm is well known because the sea flows through its arteries. That is why the city is awash with boats of all sizes and shapes. A lot of city dwellers have their own summer houses on the islands and spend most of their summertime there and most of their weekends. In order to experience Stockholm’s water, boat tours are a must-do for you. You can take a trip on the Royal Canal and under the bridges of Stockholm.

Royal National City Park

Stockholm’s Royal National City Park is six miles long with a 27 square kilometer of green space that surrounds the city and encompasses the royal parks of Haga, Djurgarden, and Ulriksdal. It is considered the world’s number one urban park where a lot of tourists all over the world flock to enjoy. Its forest also have deer, a lot of birds, moose, and foxes, to name some.

Gamla Stan or the Old Town

The Gamla Stan or the Old Town is considered as a living-breathing museum because a lot of people considered this as the first stop of their trip to Stockholm. You can find here plenty of gifts and souvenirs. Once you come here, you will feel that you are being transported to medieval times because of the winding streets. A lot of mysterious frescoes and ancient vaults can be found here. Once you visit the Gamla Stan or the Old Town, make not to miss the changing of guards.