Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook is a product of Apple; the MacBook is designed by apple. PowerBook and IBook merged; thus, MacBook had been born. MacBook lineup consists of the original MacBook transitioned developed to MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. In 2011, the production of the MacBook ceased and relaunched in the year 2015 and added innovative new functions and mechanisms. MacBook Pro is thickener and robust compared to the original, while MacBook Air is the lightweight and thinnest among the three. 

Is apple MacBook worth the money

Apple products are indeed well designed. Their products are top tier, and the cost is also premium. We cannot deny that the tech community loves apple. There are also the worst apple products, and also the price is outrageous. I mean, we are paying for the brand, not for the product. Let’s face it; not all apple product is worth the money. Apple products are typically overpriced compared to Microsoft.


  • Reliable Operating System – The operating system created by Apple is very powerful and have many unique features
  • Design and Display – In terms of aesthetics, Apple products are well known for the slick, cutting edge of their laptops.
  • Security features – Apple is very strict in their data and privacy
  • Stable Software – the operating system is slick and stable 


  • High price –  The cost of an Apple computer or laptop is quite high compared to Windows laptops and computers. Let’s say both have the same performance same function; the difference only is the price.
  • Limited Internal Storage – Internal storage of Apple computers and laptops are limited. This is not good; it means the less storage you have, the fewer things you can do about the computer.
  • Application compatibility and application options – Apple laptops and computers run on Mac OS. Don’t get me wrong, Mac OS is a good operating system, but the community of apple is rather small compared to Microsoft. Many app developers develop an app for windows first because it’s easier; thus, new applications are not available on Mac OS. You will have to wait for it.
  • Hardware upgrade and maintenance – Maintaining Apple products is quite high. The upgrade option available is limited; thus, if you want an upgraded laptop, you will have to buy a new one.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Surface Studio is developed by Microsoft. It’s a desktop computer with a windows 10 OS manufactured in the year 2017. Compared to Apple MacBook, the price and performance are reasonable. Laptops are popular, but many people today are converting into a desktop.


  • Good Display – Has a very good display Good quality pixels 
  • Light Design – Compared to Apple, the design clearly Surface studio got it.
  • Good Battery Life – it has an 8-10 hour battery life 
  • Quiet fan cooling System – The cooling system doesn’t make loud noises that can irritate the user.


  • Bugs and troubleshooting issues – in the early versions, many users would come across minor issues such as freeze and other software problems.
  • Cost Increases – If you want to upgrade the device, it will cost quite high. Hardware is expensive and limited to mobile graphic cards.

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Apple MacBook vs. Microsoft Surface Studio. Both prove that each product is unique and good in their own way. Which one should you pick, Apple or Microsoft? 


Apple has a good build-quality design with a powerful operating system but costs more or Microsoft, which is versatile both hardware and software and quite cheaper. Many people today can’t afford MacBook’s so they will go for Microsoft, which has the same value and performance but a lot cheaper if you have the money go for Apple. But still, both products are very good.