Since its quarantine and you are surely bored, you may be asking yourself, “How do I create a beautiful pond in my garden?” Well, you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share with you some tips to create a beautiful pond in your garden. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading!

We have been building miniature yet beautiful ponds in our gardens when the quarantine started. In connection to that, we have learned several ways to ensure that the pond is beautiful and more attractive.

As the rule of thumb suggests, when building a pond, one of the important things to keep in mind is to make sure that everything around it blends perfectly. Making a pond does not require to put random liner showing or bodies of water. A proper blending could make your pond more attractive.

The following are the things you can do to make a beautiful pond in your garden;

Put Some Plants

You can find plants anywhere. But this does not mean that you can place any plants around your pond. You need to pick the ones that blend perfectly with the pond’s shape and size. You may consider adding some water lilies. Even though they are simple, they can spice things up because of being an attractive plant.

We personally love lilies considering that they create flowers with attractive shapes and colors. Aside from water lilies, we also recommend you add some cattails considering that they can catch anyone’s eyes easily. You can place it at the corner of your pond to make it look more attractive. In addition to that, ensure that you won’t plant it deeply as it does not grow healthily.

Add Rocks or Landscape

To create a beautiful pond in your garden, you may consider adding some landscapes and rocks. These two are the essential parts that should be present near a pond.

If you are planning to locate your pond in the middle of the yard, consider adding some landscape to it to stand out its beauty. To make it look more natural, adding some rocks and landscapes will do.

Add Some Fish

We believe that to make your pond look more attractive is to put some fish onto it. If you add fish, we recommend you to opt for catfish, goldfish, koi, and many more. If you want to enhance the natural color of your fish, you may consider feeding them with koi vibrance. Even though the brand name refers to “koi” fishes, it does not mean that you can’t feed it to other kinds of fish. Putting some fishes onto the pond can enhance its natural color.


Another important factor that could make your pond in the garden look more vibrant and beautiful is to add a waterfall. Despite the size and shape of your pond, adding a waterfall can make a statement. It is the one that can take the beauty of your pond to another level.

When creating a waterfall, plastic is one of the materials you need. In addition to that, ensure that you will hide any plastic material. If you do not hide it, the waterfall will not look natural. If you do not hide the plastic materials properly, it will cause the pond to look ugly instead of making it more attractive.

Add Clear Pond Water

Your pond will look gross if you add murky green water into it. Fortunately, a lot of methods can follow to keep the pond water clear. You may consider adding a proper filtration system. Aside from that, we recommend you to use a water testing kit when building a pond to test the water’s phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, pH levels, and many others.

Are there any other ways to make a beautiful pond in a garden? Share it in the comment section below.