Even if there is a considerable decline in the numbers of a hedgehog, they are still many in suburban environments. Places around and within towns can be a superb habitat for these thorny and tickly little nomads.

Hedgehogs love to get around the neighborhood- most especially during nocturnal wandering; they are able to walk up to two miles looking for food and scouting out possible nest sites.  Hedgehogs are relatively harder small creatures, but some help can go a long way in assisting them to be ready for the coming winter season.


Hedgehogs are always on the search for food. You can encourage them into your garden by giving a regular hearty meal that will keep them coming back for more. There’s an array of hedgehog feed available to buy, from dried biscuits to nutritious blends stocked by major retailers of wildlife food.

These small creatures are lactose intolerant and get diarrhea from drinking milk or eating bread, resulting in them being unwell and dehydrated. Instead, please provide them with simple meat-based cat food as well as cat biscuits. These are ideal for dental wellbeing. Hedgehogs are also keen on cooked potato, unsweetened muesli, and small chops of fruit.

Build a House for Them

Hedgehogs need a warm, safe place to nest and hibernate. Usually, they hibernate from the month of October/November through March/ April, and during this time, their fuel supply comes from fat stores, which they have built up. That is why they must eat a lot before hibernation.

A comfort heap or a log pile can give a fast and straightforward solution regarding a right place. Alternatively, you are able to build a house for them that will provide an even safer shelter. There are guides available out there to build a home for a hedgehog.

Ensure the house is built in a quiet location, as far away from activities as much as possible. It would help if you did not try to move them once they are hibernating unless they are sick. Also, ensure you do not eliminate empty boxes during winter. These little creatures are likely to move hibernation sports once or twice all through the season.

Caring for Injured or Sick Hedgehogs

This small creature is nocturnal; therefore, if you see them out in the daytime, most likely, they are sick and will require to be taken to rescue centers. Using a glove, pick it up using your both hands around the middle, then put in a high sided cardboard box lined with paper, and then cover it with a tea towel for him or her to hide. You can call the local sanctuary for more advice.

Autumn Orphans

A lot of hedgehog mothers usually give birth to their babies around June-July, weaning up to three hoglets successfully from four or five litter on the average. A nest must be undisturbed during the first two weeks after giving birth because disruption might cause the mother to abandon the nest.

Make Sure Your Garden is Readily Available

Make sure your garden easily accessible to hedgehogs. If you have a walled garden, it’s suggested that you remove a brick, making holes in the fence or tunnels underneath so that hedgehogs can easily through in look for a mater or a food.


Hedgehogs are a remarkable addition to your garden. Therefore, doing the whole thing you can to invite these small but lovely creatures will help them thrive and give you free pest control. If you follow the tips mentioned, a well-rested hog might be coming from hibernation. They will love water and fresh food this season, giving them a good start to face the new season.