Edinburgh is a place in Scotland where you can find everything you ever wanted. It is not just about the place but also about the people. Aside from having breathtaking sights, Edinburgh is also known for its welcoming people.

Here are the most beautiful sights of Edinburgh that you can look forward to spending your holidays:


Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is the primary landmark because it is the most famous sight in Scotland. It is one of the reasons why Scotland has to say when it comes to tourism. If you want to hear the popular One O’clock Salute, then it is the highlight of your visit there.


Holyroodhouse Palace

The place is also known as Holyrood Palace. This site is not just a display, but it is the official residence of the Queen of Edinburgh. It is built in 1678 and become the core of Scottish history. Imagine walking around this place, where you can witness royalty and history at the same time.


National Museum of Scotland

If you want to learn more about Scotland, this place is perfect for you. And what is more exhilarating is that this museum is free for all. National Museum of Scotland contains the most astonishing curiosities from Scotland and also from all over the globe. You will get to see fascinating exhibits of history, Fashion and Style, and the World Cultures display.


The Scott Monument

One of the most beautiful sights of Edinburgh is the Scott Monument. It is a fantastic work of Victorian Gothic architecture. This enormous monument is dedicated to the city’s favorite son, Walter Scott. He is the most valued figure when it comes to literature. This tower is a tribute to Scott’s talent and legacy.


World of Illusions and Camera Obscura

If you are into weird and unusual things, this place is perfect for you. It is a museum of optical illusions. This is an attraction that is definitely for all ages. There is a pinhole camera set on a Victorian rooftop that projects real-time images of Edinburgh in motion. The combination of mirrors and lenses created the panorama have been the source of entertainment for people since 1853.


St. Giles Cathedral

St. Giles Cathedral was consecrated in 1243. This is the principal church of Edinburgh. Being the center of tourism, it attracts millions of tourists every year in Scotland.


The Writer’s Museum

If you are a fan of literature, you never want to miss out on this. This is a museum where it honors the numerous famous literary figures of Scotland. It exhibits not just the works of the greatest writers but also their personal belongings and portraits.


Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

This botanical garden is not just an ordinary garden. Generally, this is the second oldest garden in Britain and is founded in 1670. It has 13,200 variations of plant species, which make it one of the largest botanical gardens. It is most visited during the Christmas holidays because of its magnificent light displays.


Witches’ Well

When we visit sights, we do not just go there for pictures but also the value of the knowledge we could learn from it. And that is what the Witches’ Well is offering - a plaque that commemorates thousands of Scottish women - who were burned and tortured as witches without any trial between the 15th and 18th centuries. This plaque is a solid reminder of open-mindedness, diversity, the importance of knowledge, and acceptance of differences.


Edinburgh has a lot more to offer. It has tons of beautiful sights that are waiting to be explored by you. The above-mentioned are just a tip of an iceberg. What is your opinion about the topic? Feel free to express yourself in the comment section.