In this time of Covid-19, we get stressed and don’t have much energy to face another day. We’re more likely to feel negative and start over-thinking. Then, anxiety attacks and can lead to depression over time.

This is where proper relaxation techniques can play an imperative role. What are the benefits of these exercises? What are the most effective routines to incorporate into your daily living? This simple guide composes of different information for your questions. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Why Should You Try Some Relaxation Exercises?

Boost Energy

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning without much energy? Don’t be afraid. It’s normal. But it can affect your schedule at home or in the office. Before you go to work, have some relaxation exercises to brighten up yourself.

Reduce Stress Hormones

There are many circumstances that would be irritating. Perhaps, your daughter ate your favorite food, or a friend on your FB account gave a negative comment on your recent post.

Don’t let the incident ruin your day. Pause and think. Then, practice some relaxation techniques. When done right, any routine can reduce your stress hormones.

Reduce Chronic Pain and Muscle Tension

Aside from stress hormones, relaxation exercises can lessen muscle tension and chronic pain.

If you are suffering from recurring headaches and back pains, get your yoga mat, and perform some simple relaxation routines.

Improve Attention and Concentration

A lazy morning can affect the level of your attention. You will get easily distracted. Then, you might not get your job done as quickly as possible.

To change your mood and level up your concentration, a relaxation exercise will be a bright and useful idea.

Improve Sleep Quality

You have done a lot of things to improve the quality of your sleep. How was your experience? Did all of your efforts change your sleeping habits? No? Relaxation techniques are worth your effort.

When done regularly, you can sleep for at least 8 hours. Your insomnia will improve, too.

Popular and Effective Relaxation Techniques

Breath Focus

As the name indicates, this exercise allows you to take long and deep breaths. Known as the belly or abdominal breathing, breath focus enables your mind to disengage from any distracting sensations.

This relaxation technique can also be helpful for patients who suffer from any eating disorders. However, this is not advisable for people with a heart failure or respiratory ailments.

Guided Imagery

Another excellent alternative is guided imagery. Unlike breath focus, this technique lets people conjure up any soothing places, experiences, and scenes in their mind to focus and relax.

At first, you might experience a hard time. There’s nothing to worry about! You can find recordings of calming scenes online.

Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga

Have you heard about tai chi, qigong, and yoga before? Not yet? Well, these ancient arts are a blend of rhythmic breathing with a series of flowing movements and postures. These practices offer a mental focus that can help you handle any racing and negative thoughts.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is another go-to relaxation technique for many. How does it work? Simply, it involves sitting comfortably, bringing your attention to the present, and focusing on your breathing.

Before, it was not a popular routine. Today, it is known and prevalent in all corners of the world.

According to research, mindfulness meditation is helpful for patients who suffer from depression, pain, and anxiety.

Body Scan

Body scan involves breath focus with some muscle relaxation. After a minute of deep breathing, you can start focusing on a specific body part.

This helps you become more aware of the body-mind connection.

Now, what are your experiences? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with us today!