Japan's tourism industry is really special. It's very different from other countries, attracting even more visitors than other countries. Every year, it's visited by 50 million people from all over the world. Japan is the only country in Asia that offers an extraordinary experience and is one of the world's biggest tourist draws.

What Do We Mean by Fatal Faux Pas?

Fatal Faux Pas is that situation that costs you hours of your life, where you feel silly and embarrassed afterward.

Here Are Tips on How to Avoid Fatal Faux Pas on A Trip to Japan:

Don't Forget to Bring a Japanese Yen with You. Not All Your Credit or Debit Cards Are Accepted in Japan, And You Don't Want to Risk Relying on Cash.

If you're planning to visit or travel to Japan, be sure to bring local currency or exchange money well before your trip. You'll need money to get around town in a country where cash is king. Also, your credit card may not work, so having Japanese yen (or US dollars) is a definite must. Japan, unlike other Asian countries, does not have a universal currency. Even locals occasionally run into trouble trying to buy things.

Don't Ask a Local for Directions. Don't Bother Looking Up Any Maps. Just Follow Everyone Else.

Instead of wasting time studying a map, learn to rely on your instincts and follow the herds of people around you. Eventually, you will arrive at your destination by following other people's directions.

Don't Give a Female Customer Business.

Female customers are a touchy subject in Japan and can be subject to discrimination. No matter what, never give the female a customer business. Don't offer a female customer business at a restaurant, don't buy a drink for her, and don't give her a gift. Don't touch a female customer's toys and don't help her with their bags. And don't buy her a magazine or a newspaper.

Don't Give a Man A Women's Magazine.

Don't give a man a magazine with attractive women on the cover. The man may misinterpret this as a sexual advance, which could lead to unwanted attention and even violence. If a man on the subway is reading a magazine with attractive women on the cover, it's probably best to avoid him. Beware of giving a man a magazine with attractive women on the cover.

Check Out Any Restrictions for Access Outside of Japan.

If you're visiting a shrine, train station, or museum, you may not be able to enter without the proper ticket.

If You Plan on Visiting a Shrine or Other Religious Site, Wear the Proper Clothing.

This can mean anything from a loincloth to a headscarf to nothing at all.

Be Aware of Local Laws.

For example, some hotels charge extra for smoking.

After Your Trip, Remember Your Manners.

This includes tipping taxi drivers, bowing or shaking hands at business offices, and thanking your servers.

Japan is a safe, clean, and fascinating country full of friendly, welcoming people. However, you are greatly limited in how you travel and move about due to high rises, tight streets, and narrow sidewalks. Therefore, you must make careful preparations to avoid serious mishaps and plan your activities very carefully to enjoy your holiday trip.

So, have you ever experienced Fatal Faux Pas? Share it with us in the comment section.