Plucking out the best video games in a decade that served as a turning point in the gaming industry can be hard. This is when multiple consoles have been released in the market, and PC gaming has evolved over time.

So much has happened from 2010 up to this day. But there are definitely a lot of games that made a mark for us gamers. So here are the top 7 games that have changed the face of the gaming industry in this decade.

Grand Theft Auto | 2013

Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar is considered as the most successful entertainment product of all time. It has amassed revenue of $6 billion and counting, with its open-world crime simulator that beat film franchises such as Star Wars and Gone With The Wind. Its peak success was reached on its 5th installment with its ambitious storyline while maintaining its open-world craze.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild | 2017

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild defied the odds with its open-world environment. It provided stiff competition in the same genre. Its unique selling proposition did not focus on a linear progression, which has been the norm for numerous games. Instead, it banked on the free exploration of Hyrule as players are given the freedom to create an adventure of their own pace. More so, it reached greater heights when Nintendo Switch was released to the delight of their fans.

Fortnite | 2017

It is hard to talk about Fortnite without associating it with Battlegrounds. While Battlegrounds by PlayerUnknown took the credit in popularizing one vs. 100 battle. It is Fortnite that earned it a notch by allowing gamers to experience an inexorable cultural phenomenon. The game paved a new road of its own, but it also became the platform for superstar game streamers such as Ninja to catapult its name to stardom.

Dark Souls | 2011

At first, Dark Souls is not played by many people. But for those that did, they were more inspired to be trapped in its tough gameplay and superb storytelling. It was in 2015 that From Software, the developer of the game released the Bloodborne, reached is zenith with a successful gameplay formula. They moved from the medieval aesthetic of Dark Souls and ventured into a nightmare characterized by gothic Lovecraftian.

League Of Legends | 2009

League Of Legends by developer Riot Games was released in the latter part of 2009. It may not enjoy the initial success that it deserved. But to date, it became a standard and pillar for esports. League Of Legends boasts tournaments that packed stadiums in the world that even beat the Super Bowl in terms of viewership.

Pokemon Go | 2016

2016 could possibly be considered as a Pokemon Go year. We have since people going outside with the hope of looking for Pokemon. It lasted for a few months, and even news about it has been rampant. Even today, we have friends for sure who is playing Pokemon Go. Especially now, there are new features that raise the thrills for players.

Minecraft | 2009

The younger generation of this decade has enjoyed playing Minecraft. To date, Minecraft boasts under its belt as the most viewed game on YouTube. It even has overtaken Minecraft with more than 40 million views. As of writing, Minecraft takes its laurel as the 2nd best selling game of all time falling short from Wii Sports. It will not be a surprise if it can generate more awards and dominate another decade with its updates and innovations in place and for the succeeding years to come.