You probably think what this year’s best-reviewed games. Hades, the rogue-like game, falls into this category. The developer of this game, Supergiant Games are widely known for making titles with sophisticated themes and rich narratives. Hades game is how these essential elements are integrated seamlessly to a rogue-like structure.

Revealing the Secret Features of Hades that Make this Game Stand Out

Aside from the stellar RPG and action combat, character-driven storytelling is just a few of the many secret features of Hades that make this game stand out.

As Zagreus, the insubordinate child of Hades, you will make a frantic race through Elysium, Tartarus, and Asphodel, hoping to reach Greece and gaining knowledge and insights. Along the route and during runs and furthermore, back home at the base, you will communicate with incredible legendary figures, every one of whom is voiced and brimming with character in mindful manners. Instead of telling a linear or direct story, Hades is doled out through pieces of discussion that fit the setting of a world wherein demise is an unavoidable inconvenience.

It’s a consummately imagined setting for a rogue-like, one which frequently feels invigorated by responding to what you or the players are doing without appearing to be “gamey” or artificial. These character communications and interactions are great. Supergiant’s repeatable game circle and carrot on a stick story go closely connected, and that alleviates defeat.

Upon acing the default for half an hour, I felt motivated to continue playing, mainly for steadier story bits. Simultaneously, I actually love the adaptable battle framework, and I am pushing myself by flipping on a portion of the numerous end-game difficulty modifiers.

There are plenty of minutias initially on the background to where Hades’ few initial hours trigger the risks of making the players feel overwhelmed. These players are obviously curious regarding permanent upgrades. Some meta-currencies can be utilized to improve your chances to break out of the hidden world, and in the event that you focus in advance – in case you’re excessively concerned about “winning” as quickly as possible, then you are actually not doing yourself a favor.

Hades had successfully bridged a highly established action and rogue-like format that includes impactful, character-driven, and engaging storytelling. Neither element tends to feel like an afterthought. These elements lift one another into new heights. The game’s finest details, along with the artistic touches which add up as time goes by, definitely seal a great deal.

The Highs and Lows of Hades

Just like other games, Hades also has its own sets of strong and weak points. The highs and lows of this rogue-like gem are highlighted below:


This game displays rich and stylish graphics, but some touches can lead to a bit exaggerated and animated aesthetic.


The concept mainly revolves around fighting your way out over and over again as Hade’s son. Some gamers may not like this kind of concept or set up.


The great voice acting and excellent dialogue tends to create wonderful characters. The musical score is clearly fun; however, it can somewhat wear thin after some runs.


This game finds an array of play styles and weapons, and each is thoughtfully balanced for a challenging and tight ride.


Hades features a reimagined take on Greek mythology with a quick and challenging battle. However, overseeing it to the end is considered a real endurance challenge.


Hades is a widely played game with unique features that make it a real rogue-like gem. Though there are some minor flaws, the strong and positive points of this game still outweigh the number of negatives. This is indeed a well-designed game with the best features that captivate the attention and interest of countless gamers.