With live, beautiful historic sites together with a plethora of cultural offerings and diverse neighborhoods, Hamburg is a must-try travel destination.

The city offers a fairly rainy weather all year, and each month there is an average of 10 days of rain. While the winter temperatures rarely dip below freezing, it has summer’s high temperature since the city comes with a mild climate.

Meanwhile, Hamburg is also known for its great beer gardens, cocktail bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. Meaning, every tourist here can satisfy their taste buds while enjoying the scenic views.

I want to share the reasons why this city should be part of everyone’s bucket list. So, below is my list of the five things you should see when traveling to Hamburg, Germany:

Hamburg Dom

People who love festivals and fair would love to experience everything about Hamburg Dom. This fair boats the rich, varied history that was first held back in 1329. It attracts more than 10 million ride-lovers and thriller-seekers every year.

According to the season, Hamburg Dom is named either the Spring Dom, Summer Domm, or Winter Dom is held three times yearly. It is considered the grandest and longer fair in Northern Germany since each of the fair lasts up to a month.

Visitors can choose a lot of enjoying activities such as riding the big, looping roller coasters and playing at the game booths. Every Friday at exactly 10:30 PM, people can have a good time catching the kaleidoscope firework show, which is an amazing way to end the perfect night.

Speicherstadt Warehouse District

For an impressive view of brick warehouses complex, bridges, and canals, the Speicherstadt is worth the visit. It is a perfect place to wander around for about 1-2 hours. A handful of cafes and coffee shops are also available in the area. I recommend visiting this destination during nighttime as the buildings are being illuminated.

The Museum Für Kunst Und Gewerbe

The building of The Museum Für Kunst Und Gewerbe was founded in 1874, and it serves as the museum of art and industry. Its design is modeled based on the Victoria and Albert in London.

The Museum Für Kunst Und Gewerbe is where visitors can witness the combination of art and design, culture, and history. The exhibits of different collections are laden with exquisitely molded sculpture and engaging visual art. The museum displays ancient art, Baroque pieces, and collection of historical keyboard instruments that were manufactured in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Flohschanze Flea Market

Flohschanze Flea Market offers the best vintage or retro souvenirs. It is situated in the Schanzenviertel district near the old slaughterhouse, and hundreds of vendors hold court during Saturdays.

Visiting Flohschanze Flea Market allows many visitors to find almost everything, including mid-century car batteries, clothes, furniture, used bicycles, brass candlesticks, and light fixtures. Although there are no brand new items here, the aplenty bargain is quite attractive.

Elbe Beach

Surrounded by grand mansions and crystal clear water, Elbe Beach is a fun place to witness the harbor’s fantastic views. It comes alive during summer days, and tourists can enjoy activities such as leisurely cruises and volleyball matches. Besides, plenty of decent restaurants and bars dot the beach banks.

Final Thoughts

Hamburg boasts one of the busiest and largest ports in Europe while having to be a dynamic center of commerce, economy, and trade. A wide array of museums, encompassing parklands, and wonderful architecture elevate the port city’s exciting vibe.

The port city is where more than 100 clubs and music venues, 45 theaters, and 50 museums can be found. This is a perfect place for me whenever I want to enjoy traditional chocolate, sail on the river, visit the colorful market, and so much more.

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