Are you looking for a place to spend your next holiday? If so, why not try Belgium. This country has so many things to offer. Belgium is a very peaceful place with lots of things to do and see. Your Belgium escapades will not be completed if you don’t visit Antwerp.

Antwerp is considered the second biggest city in Belgium. The capital city of Antwerp province, also it is the second biggest harbor in Europe next to Rotterdam. It’s also a leading commercial center renowned for cutting, trading as well as diamond polishing. For many years’ past, Antwerp has been elevated to being one of the leading cities I Europe for fashion design.

Its name has been associated to the word annwerp or alluvial mound that was the geographical feature in the early settlement era in this place. The earliest records of fortification for this historical place take us to the 17th century BC. In the 10th century, this place became a provincial border for the Roman Empire. By the 14th century, it was already ranked as being the main center in Western Europe for finance and trading; this owes to the flourishing wool market and seaport.

What are the Things to See in Antwerp?

‘t Eilandje

Discarded and neglected district a few years ago, now this place is the main spot for artsy folk and hipsters alike. Even of the gaudy yachts may not be for all, and the small port is a perfect place to dream about stormy seas as well as faraway adventures. Soaring above the whole district and the perfect place to visit for Antwerp lovers out there is the MAS museum. A city landmark and its port, this museum tells you more about the city. The scene from the roof is amazing on a sunny and clear day, and if you dare to stare down can see a remarkable artwork from a popular painter from Belgium, Luc Tuymans.

Fashion Museum Momu

Antwerp is called the fashion Garden of Eden, as it has inspired fresh designers, and the Fashion Academy has brought some of the renowned names in New York and Milan catwalks. That is why the MoMu is the best fashion experience with a permanent show on fashion history, and the temporary exhibitions are frequently held, which is the Antwerp Six. Are you a fashionista? Then this is a must-see place in Antwerp.

Café De Muze

Seated at the center of the city and world-famous, this café has been hot for many years now. This Jazz café represents the whole thing Antwerp stands for, forgotten writers and artists and future musicians as well as those who made it already. Just in this café, you can find this amazing blend of artists, which so attributes of the city.

Extra City Kunsthal

Extra City Kunsthal is a platform for the presentation, production, debate of modern art, and also exhibitions, talks, and performances happening all the time. This is situated in a previous industrial launderette as well as accommodates ateliers, artist studios, cinema space, and a cool bar. It is entirely arty and hip, and guests will be inspired by the time they come inside the building.

Red Star Line Museum

A must-see place in Antwerp; this museum is indeed the coolest museums in entire Belgium. Extremely interactive as well as ideal for kids, this amazing museum invites its guests on a trip in the footsteps of the many expatriates who sailed from Europe to America in year 1800s. Well created videos, amazing old pictures as well as emotional memorials and testaments in historic sheds of the renowned shipping company. It is a magnificent and extraordinary museum that tells a story that we can relate to.

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