Turin, Italy, might be best known as the home of Fiat, but there is much more to this city than just cars. Travelers can explore Turin's rich history, including ancient Roman ruins and examples of Baroque architecture. Turin is home to some of the country's finest museums for art lovers, including the Museo Egizio and the Galleria d'Arte Moderna. Both features works by masters such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Van Gogh.

The capital of Piedmont and northern Italy, Turin, is a lovely city with great shopping, history, and the Turin Shroud (yes, that’s the one). There are, however, a few things you should know before visiting Turin for the first time. Here are five things you should see when traveling to Turin.

Mole Antonelliana

When you visit Turin, Italy, you’ll want to see more than just its world-famous chocolate. This city is rich in history, and many of its most popular attractions are found within its historical city center. The Cinema Museum, located in one of the city’s oldest buildings, features several exhibits about the history of cinema. Still, it’s home to one of the world’s most impressive displays of movie projectors. While it’s hard to see it all in one day, the museum has a number of movies that you can watch, some with English sub-titles, that gives you an overview of the museum.

Mercato di Porta Palazzo

The Mercato di Porta Palazzo is a historic building in the center of Turin, Italy. It’s named after Porta Palazzo, a 14th-century gate that once stood where the current building is now located. In 2011, the Mercato di Porta Palazzo was renovated to create an underground shopping center. The basement of this building is the location of several shops and restaurants that sell everything from fashion to food. While visiting Turin, it’s well worth taking a walk by the beautiful Mercato di Porta Palazzo.

Piazza Castello

On your next trip to Turin, make plans to see the Piazza Castello. This historic building, which is situated in the Piazza Vittorio Veneto, is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. It was built in 1441 and rebuilt in 1566 and 1691. It was recently renovated, so you can still see the impressive architecture of its historic past, combined with modern touches.

Santuario della Consolata

While you visit Turin, Italy, why not make time to see the Santuario della Consolata? This stunning sanctuary is one of Europe's most revered places of worship. It was built in the 20th century by artist Giacomo Balla—a man who also designed Turin's famous Mole Antonelliana. Visitors can worship inside this modern church year-round. Still, the awe-inspiring design of the church is most captivating in the summertime when the gilded marble dome is lit up with colorful lights, and the interior is flooded with natural light.

Parco Valentino

The Parco di Valentino is a gem of Turin, Italy, showcasing the best of Italian culture in a breathtaking park. Valentino Rossi, one of Italy’s most renowned drivers, contributed greatly to the preservation of the park. His love for Italian culture and nature led him to create a place where visitors could experience traditional Italian culture and nature. The park is filled with beauty, with sculptures, fountains, trees, flowers, a lake, fountains, and glasshouses.


Italy isn’t just the country that created pasta; in fact, it has many buildings and structures that I’m sure will gain your interest when you’re visiting. However, if you have no idea where to start, this list is a good starting point. If you end up visiting these places, tell us your experience in the comment section down below.