I have seen a lot of beautiful Scottish castles and I can say that all of them are definitely breathtaking. Even though there can be no fairy tale quality about them because all of them are stark and rugged in nature but you can figure out those knights in shining armor who brings good fight for their dynasty and country once you looked at them.

I have learned that most of the Scottish castles were built for the purpose of defense because most of them are overlooking the oceans because they sit atop of cliffs which make them truly impressive for me. The stone structures that they have bring a sense of peace and grace which is really awesome to tell. Some of the most beautiful Scottish castles are stated below.

Duart Scottish Castle

You can find this castle on Mull’s isle with a rectangular stone wall that surrounds the courtyard. It is believed that this castle was passed back in the 14th century to a Scottish Chief to his bride brought to their marriage. This castle is under restoration for the last two decade where visitors can have a walk through on the dungeons to admire the strategic position of the castle’s peninsula.

Dunnottar Scottish Castle

You will be amazed by this Scottish castle because of the high wow factor it have. It overlooks Scotland’s northeast coast because it sits atop of a cliff. As of the time present, its medieval fortress has been ruined but it is connected with the rich history of Mary Queen of Scots, William Wallace and even Charles II before he was proclaimed as the King of Scotland.

This Scottish castle is said to be as one of the most famous and beautiful site because of the reason that a small garrison occurred here for eight months which saves the Scottish crown jewel from Cromwell’s army.

Balmoral Scottish Castle

The Balmoral Scottish Castle begins as King Robert II’s lodge in the 14th century. Over the years, there are a wide range of royal residents that were added which now have a lot of landscapes. Even though the present building now appears like a castle, it is still considered as baronial architectural style as an estate. Today, it is popularly known as British royalty’s holiday home. Many rooms and its groups are open for the public to visit even though some of the queen’s rooms are considered as private. Last 2014, the Balmoral Scottish castle opened only from April to Julyfor public viewing.

Stirling Scottish Castle

During the 16th century, Stirling Scottish Castle is considered to be as the arts center of Scotland because it became a home that is strategically and historically important to more Kings of the country. Stirling Scottish Castle is really huge in size which gave each visitor a lot of opportunities to see how each the royalties of Scotland lived which includes the chapel and the royal place where Queen Mary was crown in the year 1534. Apart from those things, the Stirling Scottish Castle is also popular because of the places where Robert Burns wrote a lot of his masterpiece like poems.

Eilean Scottish Donan

Eilean Scottish Donan was built and inhabited in the early 6th century. This castle was partially destroyed in the early 1719 and became ruins for a hundred of years now. It is now fully restored and sits on an island that is connected to the mainland hear the stone footbridge. It was also named after the Celtic saint who became a martyr in 617. You can find it in the highlands and considered as the most romantic castle in Scotland. It appeared in some films like The World is Not Enough and Highlander.