Are you looking for the best management tools for your team or business? It can be challenging to find a tool that would perfectly satisfy your business needs. Granted, in this article, I am going to help you be fully aware of what these tools are!

Project management tasks can be a tough job. However, with the use of the right tools, these tasks can be easier and run smoothly. In this world full of management tools, only a few can be your ideal, and some can be unreliable. To help you, below are the best tools you can use in managing your team projects:

  • ClickUp
    One of the most highly rated and recommended project management tools is ClickUp. Unlike other tools, it offers a lot of features that would surely benefit the team. Here are some features that helped ClickUp reach the top of the ladder:
  1. Custom Views. There are four choices to view your project: board, box, list, and ‘me’ view.
  2. Custom Statuses. This feature helps keep the team updated and well-informed of the project’s status.
  3. Assigned Comments. You can address a comment with this. The comment would be marked done after resolving the concern.
  4. Gantt Charts. This helps in having a smooth workflow and checking the project’s progress.
  5. Time Tracking. This keeps your productivity level at its best as you record your task. There’s also a Time Tracked Report that provides information regarding the time of each task took and the member’s time spent on the tasks.
  6. Other features are also included, such as reminders, inbox, custom fields, docs, mind mapping, and integrations re also provided by ClickUp.
  • Asana
    Asana also offers efficiency and convenience to manage your projects. That’s why it is undeniable that it is one of the most popular tools used across the globe. If you want to add new workflows, it has existing templates provided. The division of works is now easier since Asana lets you create lists of tasks. Project status can easily be viewed easily without the long wait for member’s updates. It offers a User interface that is simple and easy to use, a visual project timeline that highlights the project’s progress. It also has loads of integrations such as Slack, Google calendar, Dropbox, and Outplnr.
  • Trello
    If you are one of those who are not familiar with Gantt charts and other project management vocabulary, Trello is well-designed for you and serves as a help. It is not as complex as other tools. With its card-based design, you can easily feel accustomed. Trello offers simple task management, drag and drops functionality for reorganizing and editing tasks, and power-ups such as Google Drive integrations, file sharing, and calendar views.
  • Workzone
    If you are looking for a tested tool for a longer time, Wokzone is here for you. It has been established since 2000 but still serves as a great management tool in today’s world. It provides a simple tactic to project management. The project’s status can be checked in the dashboard. As you open a project, you will instantly see details such as due dates, assigned members, and subtasks included. It will keep you notified as the deadlines draw nearer. You can also have smooth collaboration with your team members with the comment section located under each task for an organized conversation. This tool also provides detailed reports for individual performances, projects’ status, and time management.
  • ProofHub
    One of the best tools you can have is ProofHub. It provides an easily comprehensible interface for its users. The dashboard helps you organize tasks and your team and easily manage projects. ProofHub also offers a lot of customization options, such as a selection of color schemes and layout. It can be used anywhere since it supports half a dozen languages. You can also give the right to members to access your tool if ever there are sensitive projects and information that only a few must know.

Now you know the best tools you can use! Care to share any opinion about the topic? Express yourself in the comment section.