Reykjavik is the capital city situated on the west coast of Iceland, but it is a magical city full of history and culture. These days you can easily appreciate this when you visit the museums, galleries, bars, and restaurants—all of which have a story to tell. But Reykjavik’s history goes beyond the city itself—it is tied to the country as a whole.

Iceland formed a nation in 1944, the year in which the Allied Forces liberated the country in the Second World War. It is the land of fire and ice and has about 300,000 people. The country is quite small compared to the states that make up the United States, but it is rich in cultures and places among European countries. So, why is Reykjavík worth a trip?

Trip to Reykjavík: Is it Worth it?

Reykjavik, Iceland, is a uniquely captivating destination, offering a variety of exciting activities and a whole host of diverse attractions for visitors. Whether you are here for business or pleasure, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From the stunning landscape to the impressive services and the lively nightlife, Reykjavik offers the perfect mix of what makes a city worth calling home.

Here are the other reasons that prove why Reykjavik is worthy of being on your bucket list:

There’s more to explore around the city

Reykjavík is Iceland’s capital city and also its largest. Set against a backdrop of the two Volcanos and the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, it’s a bustling hub of activity designed to take full advantage of the natural surroundings. And while it’s easy to get distracted by the magnificence of the site, the city’s real appeal lies in its people, who are some of the friendliest in the world.

Try snorkeling in Silfra

The most amazing thing you can do in Reykjavík is snorkeling in Silfra. Suppose you enjoy the thrill of being in the water (it’s cold, but you can swim/dive up to six hours non-stop), the one-of-a-kind scenery (the water is blue and clear), and the close-up look of the fascinating basalt formations. In that case, snorkeling in Silfra is an absolute MUST while in Reykjavík.

Watch clearer and vibrant Northern Lights

If you want to see the Northern Lights, you’re better off watching them from Reykjavik, as it has a much clearer view than most of the other cities around the country.

Tour around the famous Golden Circle

Mentioning the golden circle tour is a no-brainer: it’s Iceland’s top attraction, and everyone knows it. However, there is more to Reykjavík than a tour of the city by bus: the city is also full of other places that have a lot of character and charm that makes the place worth a visit.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula has all the aspects that best describe Iceland

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is not only is it breathtakingly beautiful, but the region also has a rich cultural heritage with thousands of years of history and folklore that is preserved by the inhabitants of the Peninsula itself, who still hold strong traditional beliefs and practices. The Peninsula also provides a wonderful experience for those seeking to experience the natural beauty of Iceland in all its glory, as the Peninsula boasts some of the most stunning views of the country.

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in Iceland is Reykjavík. The capital of Iceland and the country’s cultural and financial hub, this city boasts a rich history, a vibrant and diverse nightlife, and a diverse and impressive collection of architecture and scenery. Its residents are some of the most friendly, welcoming, and helpful people you will ever meet. They are so friendly that the Icelandic capital is practically guaranteed to be a guaranteed good time for everyone who visits.

How about you, what do you think about the city of Reykjavík? If given a chance, would you like to take a trip and explore this city? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.