Luckily, TikTok revealed its secret a moment ago, highlighting the main ranking aspects that run the platform. Each factor is explained in accordance to its significance and substance.

User Interaction

As the algorithm of Instagram, the TikTok algorithm servers members or users' posts they take one. Once there is a particular account, they intermingle often; they tend to see content from it. It's the same with the content; they are likely to like and often share. 

On the other hand, the most substantial ranking pointer is the rate of completion of the video. So, meaning once users view a content in full, it tends to be pushed for more distribution to other feeds than the video, which skipped fast of viewed for only one second or two. 

For businesses and creators alike, this signifies making content that holds the attention of the viewers until the end is the way to reach the For You page, the version of TikToks of Explore page of Instagram. 

Video Information

Once more, the TikTok algorithm tends to push video which users explore. Therefore, once users often look for a specific hashtag or take pleasure in a video with a particular sound bite, they tend to view more videos with similar sounds and hashtags. 

This tells why you view more challenge content on the For You page once you have seen some content with the same hashtag. 

Device or Account Setting 

Last but not least, the preference, language, location as well as the type of device the users use also play a vital role because they optimize the viewing experience. On the other hand, they do not have much weight compared to other ranking signals. In short, TikTok enables you to reach a worldwide audience, but it is also going to show videos of the users made by those in their region.

However, the big question is how new accounts in TikTok do become viral? 

You see, this online platform shows all content, regardless of the person who posts it, to its concerned users. Therefore, once the content is published or broadcast: 

The TikTok algorithm shows it to the follower's account, and people tend to be interested in it. Once it is a new profile, it offers the content to an undersized division of users who may be fascinated by the video or content.

From there, the interaction of users with the video decides its chance and further distribution; do people view it until the end? Do people leave a comment, like it, or share it.

Positive user reply to content shows the algorithm to reveal the content to more consumers, assisting it in getting the spotlight it deserves. As for deprived response by users, it is up to you to calculate.

Also, this shows why For You page comes with a combination of well-engaged contents as well as contents, which scarcely have any views.

The algorithm of TikTok does not openly provide preference to followers count as a ranking signal. Certainly, people with high numbers of followers get more views and engagements on their content because of the massive followings. On the other hand, this does not signify new accounts do not stand an opportunity.

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