Urban legends are simply a fictional story, and it’s a part of our culture. Urban legends or folklore are based on real parts of culture and real people. People tell stories and added exaggerated details to make them more interesting. However, exaggerated details are making false stories. These stories have many forms, like elaborate jokes, rumors, and hoaxes. There are a lot of mysteries in urban legends that are still unsolved because of lack of evidence. Some Urban legends are maybe true, and others have had supernatural elements that make them less believable and untrue.

Urban legends, A part of the culture

Urban legends are related to real human events, but these urban legends lack the information, not proven yet, or have misleading details. There is really no way to prove if these stories are genuine or not. Uran legend was passed on stories and slowly spreading in our society. This story continues to evolve and is modified from generation to generation regardless if it’s true or not still Urban legends or folklore continues to fascinate us in many ways.

Urban legends are modern folklore, and they are stories surrounding incredible real-life events. You probably have heard some specific urban legend stories. Did you like it? Probably most people have a fascination for this kind of thing because of its interesting and intriguing. Urban legends refer to peculiar events or unproven stories that typically convey warnings. This kind of story often evokes strong emotions, such as horrific events and honor. Nonetheless, urban legends became a part of our culture. It keeps us entertained, and this story gives us a hint of warning that can help us be aware of anything we do. Wanna know why urban legends fascinate us? If so, keep continuing reading below.

People’s fascination with Urban Legends

From scary, paranormal events, supernatural events to funny stories, urban legends are modern-day fairytales. Urban legends are spread by word of mouth, so urban legends spread so quickly within our culture and society. Urban legends are true, but some parts of it are all just exaggerations. What makes us fascinated by this kind of story is that every urban legend has a connected moral lesson.

Examples of Urban Legends

Urban legends or modern folklore have a huge presence in the world that has fascinated us or even shocked us. There are many kinds of urban legends. Some are based on real events; others are purely supernatural with exaggerated details, jokes, and rumors. Here are some urban legends that you might probably hear.

Bloody marry 

it’s the most famous urban legend that you might hear before. This urban legend states that if you look in the mirror and say Bloody marry repeatedly, there is something to happen.

Slender Man 

this urban legend started online. A man named Victor Surge created a faceless man in a suit, which got spread so quickly on the internet. Many people are disturbed and fascinated by these horrific images.

Types of Urban Legends

Chain mails

This urban legend still spread today, especially on the internet and social media in flat form. Chainmail work like this “ if you don’t send it to another person, you will have bad luck tomorrow” and vice versa.

Warning emails 

popular today because of the internet and smartphones, these emails stating some warnings about something awful will happen. Rumors somewhat spread these emails.


urban legends are not clear, and it lacks details. Indeed, urban legends are based on real-life events, but the lack of evidence makes an urban legend less believable. People make up the details to fill the gap in the stories. People tend to exaggerate other details to make it interesting.