"Ace Attorney" fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting the news that a new Ace Attorney game is in development. The wait ended with word that Capcom had confirmed an Ace Attorney title, featuring the original Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice characters and a separate spinoff set in the same world as the main series.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles gameplay

Playing this game is simple, yet you need to use your critical thinking skills to solve the problem and put the culprit behind bars. You can make inquiries, gather some evidence, and then present your case to the court. Reveal the truth while breaking it down to the arguments in the prosecution.

To start the investigation, you can gather evidence and get facts to use in the case. You can also examine the crime scene and even converse to the witnesses. There is a Dance of deduction feature, which you can waltz around with Sholmes at the crime scene. And the course corrects the eccentric train of logic to get the truth. After gathering evidence, you can now proceed to trial. And overturn the testimonies each of it and point out inconsistencies through your gathered evidence.

Special features of the game:

Two special features, namely a Story mode and dual-language settings, give a better experience.

You can put the game into autoplay mode for the story mode, which makes the text advance. Or put the game into full story mode, letting it handle everything. This also includes making choices and puzzle-solving. It is perfect when you want to immerse and watch the drama unfold. Also, the autoplay and story mode can be turned off any time want you to want during the gameplay.

For the Language, The game can be played in Japanese or English language. You can mix and match your preferred audio and text if you want to have an ultimate experience. Embrace the feels like you are in the 19th century of London and Japan through its graphical text and languages. 

There is a Special Vides

The video has a Japanese voice and has English subtitles. Its original HJApanese release, namely the Adventures, has two added videos exclusive to the thirteen Adjudication and indictment. And players can vote on Ryunosukes guilt, or it may be innocence. On each evening online, the results will be posted the next day.

The game has three sets of costumes for every great ace attorney that will resolve the case as Ryunosuke, Susato, and Sholmes, to be able also to have a unique outfit and to enjoy the game experience especially. In terms of the escapades, you can eat slice-of-life episodes by portraying the daily happenings in the behind-the-scenes of the main game. A new character design, music tracks, and special voiced lines are also available to the game for you to enjoy.

While there are many who love to play games, the fact that they are so much fun makes them easy to lose sight of their value. Some of those who understand what actually makes a game interesting are those who regularly put in an effort to play video games.

The Great Ace Attorney has been out for a while, but the game always manages to surprise me with new twists and turns. It’s a series that doesn’t bore me, no matter how many times I play through it. Even after a dozen or so playthroughs, I still find new things to look for when playing the game. I’ve been enjoying this series ever since I first started playing it a few years ago, and I know other Ace Attorney fans as well do.