Do you miss the biggest gaming franchise in the RPG world, Final Fantasy by Square Enix? Well, here is its spin-off, a classic but includes up-to-date conveniences for a more smooth and engaging experience. After Bravely Default and its follow up, Bravely Second: End Layer, here comes the new offering of Nintendo Switch – the Bravely Default II.

Bravely Default II is the JRPG that we were all been waiting for. It is, of course, developed by Clatechworks and published by JP: Square Enix for the Nintendo Switch. It was released last February 26, 2021, worldwide.


Bravely Default II Review: About the Story and the Setting


Just like some entries in the Final Fantasy installments, each introduces a new world and new cast, Bravely Default II tells a story that is an independent one that retains connections to its forerunners.


If you are a newbie, you would not be lost because the plot of Bravely Default II was set in the same world but on a different continent. Bravely Default II connects you to the original series in the most interesting way with a few twists and turns. You will be invested in this game.


The player will take the character of Seth, a stranded sailor. He will face a ferocious storm while sailing at sea. He will be washed ashore and will be having an engagement with a mystical entity. As soon as he wakes up, he will meet a girl named Gloria that is accompanied by Sir Sloane, an old man in the story.


Afterward, he will meet a travelling scholar named Elvis and a mercenary named Adelle. They eventually join Seth to save Gloria, and upon saving her, Seth, Adelle, Elvis learned about the 4 crystals. They will travel around the world to fight monsters and villains; they will meet interesting characters also that will help them along the way.


The main expedition is so good and interesting. You will do other side missions to gain money and experience. Most of the quests are entertaining. You may skip them, but you will be missing some valuable items.


Just like other video games, Bravely Default II does not have much narrative and depth when it comes to character and plot, but generally, it does not affect the game itself.


Bravely Default II Review: Audio Visual Effects


Bravely Default II introduces us to significantly gorgeous upgrades when it comes to visuals. Its 3D animations have come so far that you will be able to appreciate the vision from your own screen. The way the camera takes out as you enter the town, you will have a diorama effect or the pop-up book. It is a wonderful experience.


The sound effects are so impressive. You will have the right feeling when it comes to voice acting and attack impacts. You can also choose between Japanese and English voice-overs. Either of the two languages will bring you different kinds of experience. The visual designs are so on point for each scene. For example, when conversing, exploring, and fighting, they all complement each other. The soundtrack alone is adding some spice to the game without being a distraction.


Square Enix did it again, no doubt. Just like Final Fantasy, Bravely Default II is greatly executed. It has the factors that are needed to be an excellent RPG. From the interesting combat, this will let you experience that is incredible. You really cannot go wrong when it comes to the Bravely Default II. This is one of the videogames that will welcome every set of generations, from veterans to newbies.


Bravely Default II is extremely polished. It does a bunch of things well. It is well-crafted, and it is a role-playing game that is expertly made that is really worthy of your money and time. The Nintendo Switch has several good JRPGs; however, Bravely Default II was said to be absolutely the best.


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