When the humankind mistreated the Earth, the beautiful planet turned into a dry wasteland and then perished. However, some of the species adapted and evolved. And the land became the Timberborn.

What’s inside the game

Inside there are factions that players can join.

Beaver society

There are two beaver factions that players can control, namely, the industrious Iron teeth and or nature-friendly folk tales. Each of these factions has a unique style, gameplay traits and buildings. And the player can choose which fits them.

Wet and Dry Season

In the game, you need to prepare for the droughts and stock a pile of food and water to keep the fields and forest alive even when the rivers go dry. You can rely on natural water sources and artificial irrigation to be able to keep land arable.

River control

The beavers have years of experience in water engineering. They put up dams, floodgates, dug a canal for explosives, and redirected the river to give life back to the wasteland. However, you need to be careful with the dynamite.


You can turn the timber into urbane machinery from the sawmills to engines, water wheels, and shredders. The core source of the Timberborn is the wood. However, its most advanced structures need a metal. To be able to find one, you need to send your scavengers to the old-world ruins.

Vertical architecture

As a player, you can also create your own beaver settlement by using the vertical architecture system. You can add lodges, workshops, bridges and construct platforms as you desire. However, the space is limited. You can also set up a power grid to your increasing inhabitants.

The day and night cycle

A day and night are present with this game. You can build a multi-district city with nighttime and even productive activities. You can also follow the daily lives of the inhabitants.

The well-being

The life of the beavers is not only for work, sleep and chopping wood. You also need to provide and satisfy the needs of your rodents with a balanced diet, monuments, decorations and more. Most importantly, to keep your colony alive. In this game, you can play on the map created or create your own.

Timberborn is a city builder that asks you to build a town. You do this by gathering resources, such as wood and stone and crafting them into structures such as roads and houses. You can do this with other players or AI characters, and you can even upgrade the structures to make them more efficient and attractive to your citizens. As your town reaches size and prosperity, you can start developing it into a bustling metropolis. The whole thing plays out over a 3D map of the town that you zoom and pans around, and you can even manage your citizens and improve your town from the comfort of your computer.

Expanding your little population of beavers as you are tasked, And unlocking new technologies while solving environmental changes like droughts. The Timberborn is all about a respectable juggling act and a best management game. The one secret to the game is to make sure to have enough wood supply and make sure that it has plenty of storage and housing. And while making progress for more useful buildings.

Overall, Timberborn is a great game that is gentler to use. There will be harder difficulties for those who want the game as a survival than wealth. But the look and feel of the game are great. Timberborn overall is a simple game and a bit offensive, with a hint of the history of beavers living in the world; this game is a nice start that can give you the ability to unleash your creativity and leadership. So, what can you say about the Timberborn game? Share your thoughts in the comment section.