We know how frustrating it is when our dog doesn’t care about our commands. Aside from being frustrating, it could be dangerous at the same time. When your dog listens to your commands, you can ensure that it is free from troubles.

For the first time PAWrents, you might have a hard time training your dog to listen to you. But don’t worry, we got you covered. The following are the tips and tricks you can follow to make your puppy listen to your commands.

So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

Remove the Excess Energy

If you have a hyper puppy, you can conclude that energy is one of the most distracting factors you need to remove when trying to train them on how to listen. When your dog has a high level of energy, his attention is focused on releasing it, which is through play. As a result, they would rather prefer playing the whole day rather than listening to your training.

So, the first thing you need to do is to release their excess energy through playing or exercising, then give them the discipline it needs and affection. You might consider taking your puppy for a daily walk to drain the excess energy of your pup.

Be Consistent

If you are trying to enforce different training techniques to your dog each day, he will not get the message you want to deliver. This is also noticeable to the family members who implement various regulations inside a house. To teach your dog with the correct training, let him feel relax and start discussing the limitations, boundaries, and rules you want your dog to follow. You might also consider writing these rules down in a sheet of paper and paste it somewhere they can see.

Master Your Energy

Dogs follow the commands of their pack leaders. You can be their pack leaders if you have calm energy. If you feel uncertain or frantic for each time you give commands to your pup, they don’t want to give time to listen to you. Sadly, most dog owners are not fully aware of the energy they have when giving commands. To master your energy, you might consider filming yourself or ask a friend to observe your behavior for a week and give you their observations.

Go Back to Basics

Does your pup understands and listens to your commands? It cannot be denied that dogs require hundreds to thousands of times to adapt and perform a new skill. We believe in the saying that “practice makes perfect.” You need to go back to basics to make sure that your pup understands what you want to tell.

Do Not Rely on Verbal Commands

For first-time dog owners, you should know that dogs cannot speak words. But rather, they are utilizing their body language and energy to send a message to their dog buddies and owners. Thus, there is no doubt why some dogs have a hard time understanding verbal commands.

Even though your dogs understand a command, they can fully understand it by using a non-verbal command or body movements, which you did not realize you are doing.


As mentioned, teaching your dog with a new skill, particularly listening skill, is quite hard. You need to spend a lot of time, effort, and dedication. If you experience problems in training your dog to listen to your commands, we recommend you to hire a professional. Make sure to build a good communication and relationship between you and your pup. This will pay off all the energy and time you invest to training your dog.