The world of video games is filled with massive, complex experiences that only the most experienced players will ever truly master. Many of these games are amazing experiences that few will ever encounter, but The Ascent is one of the games that even those who are not fans of the genre should try. The game is being developed by Swedish indie Neon Giant and is being published by Curve digital. It is a cyberpunk-themed type of game available in the Xbox series, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

The Ascent game has fun abilities to earn skills points through passive skills, and it can help boost your energy and HP.  The game also is harder into combat and feel than onits role-play.  Almost all the abilities have a cyberpunk flair type. The game's animation has a big role as they sell the power of your leap and dash moves and kill enemies.


The setting of the game

Ascent’s setting came from the mixed idea of neon-flecked ‘80s cyberpunk and the grimy science fiction one. The story is set in an Arcology and a self-contained city squeezed into a skyscraper. It has a stunning urban style with a market, plaza, valleys with streams of flying cars and colorful neon billboards, and teeming roads. The setting of the game becomes more special because of the micro-level. Which wherever you go in the game, you will see a meticulous detail.

Ascent gameplay

• It has a Top-down view looking at the game characters

• You can easily aim high and low targets on the enemy, and it allows you to distinguish how you will shoot the enemy near or further through its twin-stick shooter feature in the game.

• The player can also customize their character from appearance and increase their skills and abilities with cyberware upgrades.

• The players also have the ability to hack to use a cyberdeck

• Explosions, skill powers, and bullets are some games destructive features

• For players to travel fast in the game, it has a fast-traveling system with a built-in subway system.

• The game has no loading screens, which is an open-world one.

• Players can also collect loot inside the game when they defeat enemies.

• Players can also gain items when they complete the mission in the game. Or buy them at the vendors in the in-game.

• Game modes include single-player, online co-op with a maximum of 4 players and local co-op.

Pros of the game

• It has an incredible visual design

• It has tight gunplay

• You will have fun encounters

Cons of the game

• It has poor communication

• It has an incomprehensible narrative

• You will have difficulty in spikes

Another thing about The Ascent is its loot system. All the weapons are made handcrafted except the weapons that are being dropped by enemies from the game. But the idea of upgrading your weapon from the loot you will receive at every level you accomplish is a great idea. Making every weapon being rare and unique to each other.

Overall, the Ascent games are great and fun to play. The game's story really takes you to the stinking depths of the story to a higher level giving you a more different aesthetic vibe. This is fully for combats shootings, with gangsters, soldiers, augmented aliens, and even hulking mechs. Aside from battle, you can also do visit shops or do side quests. This game is well-made and is really worth purchasing. So how about you? What do you think about this game? Tell us your comments down below.