If you have a rabbit and you are keeping them, whether outdoors or indoors, there is still a need for you to provide them with a species-appropriate enclosure. It is important to put in it objects like bowls and huts because it will serve as a protection to other animals from the different weather conditions and for those other animals that may pose a threat and to serve alteration.

Are you familiar with the saying “a paradise for the fur nose”? then, like a rabbit owner, it is very important to let off steam by letting you think out of the box while you are building up your enclosure. Below are some helpful tips that can help in making a species-appropriate rabbit enclosure.

For the Outdoor Enclosure

Outdoor enclosure is the most specie-appropriate rabbit enclosure, especially for those rabbit owners with gardens at home to create it as a rabbit paradise. The things that you need to pay attention to when doing an outdoor specie-appropriate rabbit enclosure are the following:

  • Enclose well the insulators –it will serve as a great protection against the different weather conditions such as during rainy, sunny, windy, snowy, and drought days.

  • Create a fence at least 50 cm from the ground – Make sure to follow this measurement because as well all know, rabbits are expert jumpers.

  • Create a Lockable door – in order to make easy access to the owner for cleaning purposes.

  • Have a grid that is close-meshed – this will help in preventing the rabbits from breaking out.

  • Make your enclosure’s design a burglar-proof – this will serve as a protection from thieves, predators, and cruelty from other animals.

  • Have a fly screen – this will serve as a protection from other animals

For the Indoor Enclosure

Having a large indoor enclosure will serve as an alternative in keeping the outdoor most, especially if it is designed with a wide variety of things. Below are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to creating an indoor enclosure.

In order to avoid dangerous things to happen, you need to take into consideration the following:

  • Secure those available electrical and cable sockets

  • Pay attention to those poisonous houseplants of the rabbit range

  • Take a look at those toys that are non-toxic

  • Secure all the shelves that are accessible

Also, keep in mind the following:

  • The more space that you have, the better it will be so the animals can enjoy their movement;

  • Always have a feeding and drinking bowl

  • At least have a hay rack

  • Make use of toilet papers using a box with bedding

  • Provide your animals with hiding places such as caves, tunnels, cottages, cartons, and so on and so forth.

  • Provide a wide variety of snack option and branches of those untreated trees

  • Give your animals the opportunity to dig, which merely depends on the kind of soil that you have most, especially for indoor storage. You can have a digging crate with the use of soil and sand

  • Give your rabbit possibilities of climbing like:

-suspension bridges


-provide a ramp starting from the exit area up to the raised cottage

Taking good care of a rabbit as a pet will surely bring you excitement, especially when you were able to come up with their Species-Appropriate Rabbit Enclosure. If you really wanted to have a pet rabbit, and you want them to play happily, then the tips stated above will surely help you in getting one for a rabbit. Just make sure to follow those do’s and don’ts in order to secure the safety of your pet.