Dogs are amazing. They’re adorable, loyal, kind, and so much more. But the real question would be, why wouldn’t you? Of course, dogs aren’t exactly perfect, but they are definitely one of the best pets that you can get out there. Dogs have many flaws, but you will surely have a good time with them if you do learn to accept them.

If you’re someone who’s not sold on the idea of getting a dog, here are more reasons you should get one and reasons why pretty much almost everyone loves dogs.

They cheer us up

When you get home from a bad day, or whether you’re just sad, dogs will always be there for you. They’re able to comfort us when we feel out of it or when we feel blue. This isn’t just for us people who live a normal life, but for people who have PTSD as well. Having a mental illness will never be easy, but dogs are able to brighten their day at least a little bit. Therapy dogs are also able to soothe soldiers.

They can help keep ourselves healthy and happy

Being both healthy and happy at the same time can be difficult for some people to imagine. When you have a dog, and both of you are happy, it’ll help you improve your mental health a lot more than you can imagine. And considering that you also have to take them on walks, I’m sure that you can have a jog at the same time as well. Of course, you don’t have to do this immediately after getting a dog, but you can definitely start getting healthier, even if you have to do it slowly.

Dogs learn to love us more than they love themselves

Dogs are undeniably very loyal creatures, but not only that but once you have a deep enough relationship, they’ll definitely learn to love you so much more than they do themselves. Dogs eventually become your family when you treat them well and give them love as well. Once they love you, they’ll stay loyal to you until they grow old as well. Keep them healthy and happy, and that same amount of happiness or even more will be given in return. Dogs are remarkable and adorable creatures, all the more reason to love them.

They protect us when we’re vulnerable

When we’re sleeping, dogs are usually expected to protect us. Of course, it depends on the size and breed of dog you got, but they will try their best to protect you whenever you are in danger. Not every dog is strong enough to protect their owners, though, and the only thing they can give is their love. That doesn’t make them worse compared to dogs who can protect their owners. They can give an equal amount of love and loyalty to you.

Dogs don’t hold grudges easily

Whenever you do something that’s not too bad to them, they’ll be able to forgive you easily. They can forgive you a lot faster than yourself in some situations as well. That also goes for other dogs that they meet. They won’t hold grudges against them easily, but they do know when they should hold a grudge, so make sure not to anger them often.

Has this article convinced you to get a dog? Or did it just make you love them even more? There’s so much more to learn about dogs, and I hope that this article helped you understand them a bit better. Do you love dogs, or perhaps you prefer another animal for a pet? Tell us more in the comment section below.