Probably, you’re planning to have some chickens in your garden. But where and how to get started? As a beginner, you have lots of questions in mind. Don’t worry! In this article, we will discover some important information about keeping chickens in your garden.

Without further ado, let’s start!

Why Should You Have Chickens in Your Garden?

A lot of people are afraid of rearing chickens in the garden because they require extra attention, time, and care. Yes, it’s true. But don’t underestimate what they can do for your beautiful garden. Here are some reasons why you should have a couple in your backyard:

Serve as a Nitrogen Source

According to experts from Ohio State University, a chicken can produce at least eight pounds of manure per month. It is enough to compost a cubic yard of dry leaves.

Chicken manure is also rich in nitrogen, which is perfect for different species of plants in your yard.

Act as a Good Tiller

Aside from being a great nitrogen source, a chicken can till a maximum of 50 sq feet of sod in 4 weeks.

By eating or scratching vegetation, they can make great tillers. While they need more time than a machine tiller, you can say bye to fossil fuel. Therefore, they can contribute to your sustainable gardening.

Known as Automatic and Effective Fertilizers

Studies show that a chicken can provide enough nitrogen fertilizer for your garden. But it goes beyond that. The nitrogen levels in chicken manure is a suitable ingredient in your natural and safe fertilizers.

Serve as Compost-Turners

Turning a compost pile is a headache. This is where your chicken pets can make a big difference.

For a compost to break down, oxygen is critical. Enough air allows the compost to break down. It’s complicated. Your chicken can be a lifesaver.

Responsible Mulch Spreaders

But wait, there’s more! Chickens can serve as mulch spreaders. Once chicken, for example, can level a pile of leaf mulch in two days. But some can get it done within a short period. This is the reason why gardeners need to be patient.

Capable of Controlling Harmful Insects

Bugs are a big problem in your backyard. Of course, there are solutions and treatments you can try. But nothing can beat the services of chickens as they can de-bug a 120 sq feet of the backyard. They can help you get rid of beetles, grubs, and other insects, protecting your home and family from danger.

Importance of Installing A Fence in Your Garden

Chickens are playful, so setting up a fence is a good and worthwhile investment. Although it is tempting to take advantage of the cheapest option, always invest in a quality and sturdy brand to avoid repetitive and expensive replacement.


Other Advantages of Fencing


It Takes Security to Another Level

They have proper barriers to ensure the safety of your garden and house against wild or stray animals. They can even keep your chicken, pet, and children from external threats. Also, they can shy away intruders and other people with bad intentions.

Protection - Peace of Mind and Comfort

Aside from security, the fence protects new and sensitive plants against playful chickens. Just be wary and creative when setting up the fence of your choice. Also, there’s no rule to follow and consider. But for beginners, the process could be difficult. Ask some of your colleagues, relatives, neighbors, and close friends for help. Enjoy!

Now, what’s your thought? Please feel free to share your feedback, clarification, and other suggestions below. Your comment, shares, or likes will be much appreciated.