For the past years, we have seen how technology has changed. From luxury airplanes, robots to high-end gadgets, technology does not disappoint to surprise us.

But with the ever-evolving technology, why there are no flying cars yet?

Imagine, we could travel in a flying car. That would help us avoid traffic jams, save our time, increase productivity, and reduce unnecessary efforts.

Despite the possibilities, they can offer why popular companies don’t develop, manufacture, and provide flying cars.

Without further ado, here are some of the possible reasons. Take a close look at the following:

Safety Design Issue - When we get into a car accident on land, we can coast to the side of the road and call a tow truck. In a flying car, on the other hand, we cannot do that. Since we’re in an automobile, we’re going back to earth. We might crash on an airplane or drone. Everything may happen.

We Cannot Engineer a Flying Car Yet - Yes, many companies attempted to develop and tailor a flying car. But they ended up with a mediocre result.

During World War I, there was a working prototype. But over a century, that mode of transportation is impossible to find today. Maybe, experts need more time to create the first flying car.

Of course, we can engineer a right car and airplane. But it’s still impossible to develop a flying car. “If you optimize the performance of a car and an airplane, they have different mechanical features. Yes, we can make a flying car. However, they are not good planes and cars as well,” science-fiction writer and physicist Gregory Benford said in an interview in 2010.

System of Air Traffic Control to Handle Flying Cars is not Available - Air Traffic Control that handles airplanes and other types of aircraft are vital. They result in improved predictability, collaborative decisions, sustainability, real-time accuracy, system modernization, consolidated systems, and enhanced safety.

In flying cars, Air Traffic Control can also play a critical role. But there’s no system yet.

They Are not Cheap - For every technological development, proper and enough budgeting is necessary. In establishing the first flying car is no exception. In fact, it requires millions of dollars. So, it is not cheap.

We Need Somewhere to Park - Similar to airplanes, flying cars require a parking space. To establish a landing area, it needs a high budget. So, companies invest in developing quality airports for the safety of everyone.

What Could Be Done To Achieve a Flying Car?

For me, we need highly dedicated, knowledgeable, and capable experts who are willing to devote their time to developing flying cars.

Aside from skilled professionals, budget is something we cannot overlook. Of course, a single company cannot turn it into a reality. A partnership of companies can make it happen in the future. We never know.

Technology is another important factor. Quality and cutting-edge equipment and devices can help.

Reasons You Don’t Want a Flying Car

Flying Can Be Scary - Flying is safer than driving according to statistics. But people suffering from anxiety when flying is higher than you have ever thought.

It’s Hard to Drive in Bad Weather - Imagine a flying car gets hit by a gust of wind. Well, it isn’t very easy to take off and land due to the air density. When seasons change, the way a flying car performs will also change.

So, what are your thoughts? Please feel free to share your queries and other opinions in the comment section below. We encourage you to express your perspective on this topic. We really appreciate it.