Guinea pigs are cute little creatures. They’re even cuter when they look like they’re having the time of their lives. And they’re even cuter when they’re clean, well-fed, and living in their own little home, with toys and enrichment items to play with. But keeping guinea pigs is not for the faint of heart. Guinea pigs are messy, need grooming to keep them from getting matted (and potentially painful), and they often need medical treatment for common problems.

How to keep guinea pigs in a species-appropriate manner

If you’re a first-time guinea pig owner, you might be wondering what exactly a guinea pig is. Guinea pigs are small rodents that belong to the rodent family. They are very sweet and gentle and should not be treated alone as pets. They are social creatures and need to be around other guinea pigs, especially their littermates, or they can become depressed. Guinea pigs are fast learners and can be trained to perform tricks. But, like with any pet, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do as a guinea pig owner.

Think about getting two

If we are the first-time guinea pig owner, ensure that you are not getting only one. Try to get two. It is good to choose one male and one female to take care of. But if you want, you can choose two females too because they are happier together, but if you want to keep two male guinea pigs be aware of them. It is because when you put together two males, it tends that they might fight with each other.

Give your guinea pig a different diet to guarantee good health

Guinea pigs are curious little creatures that love to explore and sniff out new things. For that, they need more than seeds, veggies, and pellets. Ensure you provide your guinea pig with a healthy diet rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Research suggests that guinea pigs need hay, grass, pellets, fruits, and vegetables.

Regular gentle management is a good way to build a solid bond and trust

While developing a good bond with your guinea pig is important, it does not need to be complicated. Pet your guinea pigs. Yes, it sounds easy enough, but it’s important to remember that guinea pigs are social animals and need interaction with other guinea pigs. If you are raising them as a bonded pair, spend time bonding with them daily. This means holding them, talking to them, and playing with them as much as possible.

Monitor your pet’s health

One of the best ways to care for your pet is to ensure you are aware of the signs that he or she needs care. One common sign of illness is an inability to eat. Your pet may refuse to eat, eat less, or eat out of an unusual place. These behaviors could be a sign of illness. If your pet refuses to eat, it is very important to visit a veterinarian. He or she can detect problems.


Pigs are social creatures by nature, and they require companionship. After you heard about caring for a guinea pig, what did come to your mind? Did you already own a guinea pig before? How was it to be with them? Please put your opinion below the comment section about this article.