It cannot be denied that gadgets are helpful in your daily lifestyle. A gadget like your phones and notebooks help you with your communication, entertainment, do your projects, and other tasks. However, there are some instances when their battery got emptied. Don’t worry because I will give you the best tips to extend the battery life of your phones and notebooks.

These tips can help you to prolong the battery life of your phones and notebooks.

Tips To Extend the Battery Life of Your Phones

  • Disable automatic Wi-Fi
    One way to save the battery life of your phone is to turn off automatic Wi-Fi. You can go to your settings and turn off the automatic Wi-Fi option.
  • Limit the apps in the background
    You must limit the apps in the background since it may consume power. You can open the apps if you need to use them.
  • Disable Google Assistant
    Google Assistant is among the features of your phone. However, it can consume the power of your phone. So, it is a good idea to disable it.
  • Change to the dark side
    You can switch to the dark theme to prolong the life of your battery. Reducing the brightness can help you save energy.
  • Manage your location
    Another effective way to extend the battery of your phone is to manage your location. You can turn off its GPS function.
  • Prevent fast charging
    You may not know it, but fast charging can stress your phone’s battery. Make sure to prevent fast charging. It is better to charge your battery slower.
  • Don’t drain the phone battery to 0% and charge it to 100%
    One helpful tip to prolong your phone’s battery is to prevent it from draining to 0% and charging it to 100%. The suggested charging is to keep it above 20% and below 90%.

Tips To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Notebooks

  • Dim your screen
    Take note that the screen is among the parts of your notebook that consume power the most. By reducing the brightness, you can save more power of its battery.
  • Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
    If you are not using it, you must disable your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Never leave your gadget on permanent charge
    Make sure to prevent your notebook from overcharging. Leaving it connected to the mains more often is not good for the health of your gadget. It can also avoid the fast degradation of the battery.
  • Change the power settings
    There is a possibility that your notebook can be set by default in a Balanced setting. With that, you can change it to the power saver. Turning on the battery saver option is also a good idea.
  • Manage your memory
    Another way to expand the lifespan of your gadget is to manage its memory. Avoid running more programs all at once. Reduce the tabs you open in the web browser.


By simply following the tips mentioned above, I assure you that you can extend the battery life of your phones and notebook. With that, you can make the best use of it on your everyday tasks. Taking care of the health of your phone and notebook can help you prevent headaches, especially if you need your gadgets for doing your daily tasks. Even more important, you can also prevent your gadgets from damages that can cost your time and money in the future.
Phones and notebooks are important in the different aspects of your daily living. Therefore, you must also be responsible for keeping it on its top condition. You can do this by preserving their battery.   
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