There are over 350 breeds of horses and ponies. Horses are all-hoofed herbivore mammals with a muscular torso, long thick neck, and elongated head. This animal has been living on earth for more than 50 million years. Its belief that nomad people from Asia first domesticated horses. Due to domestication, horses are found all over the world except Antarctica. Humans and horses had been living together since ancient times. Long ago, horses are used to pull wagons, carts, and hauling things that are heavy. Today most horses are domesticated, but others remain wild.

What Do Horses Eat

Horses feed on low-lying vegetation. Typically, horses eat grass and other plants. The domesticated horse is often fed other things such as hay and bran. Domesticated, Wild and Racing horses have almost had the same diet, but the racing horse needs more high quality protein and minerals. A racing horse needs 17 hours per day to graze to maximize their intake of high-quality food.

Popular horse breeds

Horses are an animal that needs big investment; there are factors to consider if you want to keep a horse. A big animal needs spacious grassland to graze, housing, and money. Below is just some of the most popular horse breed in the world


Arabian horses are the oldest and the most popular in the world. It has a slim yet strong body that makes it agile and strong. Arabian horses are usually white, black, gray, bay and chestnut.


Gypsy horses are Irish and British breeds that have long hair on their manes and legs, thick legs, and muscular body. They often have white and dark patch patterns. This breed is a very beautiful and agile animal.


Thoroughbred is the most popular breed used in racing. It’s known for its agility, speed, and spirit. This breed is very competitive that makes it very popular in sports such as polo, and racing, etc. thoroughbred have a slim but agile body.


Appaloosa breed is being known for its famous unique markings. It often appears as a patches of blankets or spots. They have a tall slim body and very popular in filmmaking and sports.


This particular horse breed came from the Netherlands. Friesian have a thick body but agile. These horses are often black in color. The elegant color and body make this horse popular in filmmaking.


Purest of the breeds, Andalusian have a muscular body, very intelligent and high energy. Due to their amazing body build, they are often used as a warhorse.

Irish Sport Horse

Irish Sport Horse is the product of Crossbreeding from Thoroughbred and Irish Draught. They are lively, having a calm temperament, and tough.

American Saddlebred

American Saddlebred is a calm horse. They are elegant and are popular in parades, show horses, etc.


The strength and elegance of this breed made it popular. The power of the Morgan breed is used in farms, but today it’s a popular driving horse.

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is famous for its athleticism and agility. This breed is gentle, agile, versatile, loyal, and beautiful.


These are some of the popular horse breeds in the world. Every breed is unique; they have different bodies, sizes, colors, and skills. Horses and humans have a unique relationship. In the past, horses are probably hunted as a means of food. In the past or even today, horses made a huge contribution to us. They became our transportation. They haul heavy things and much more. Remember that horses require a spacious environment and care. As a human beings, let’s do our part to take care of your animal. They will definitely appreciate it.