Vampires have been a legend and folklore that all of us are aware of. Some believe that they are true, while some don’t. It also became a favorite content of several movies and books. One of that is the Twilight Series, which tells the story of a human named Bella, who fell in love with Edward Cullen who is a vampire. This book had a movie adaptation that became a blockbuster subsequent to its release. A lot of us got crazy over the story of these characters, as well as gave us fascination about the world of vampires. Given that, here are some reasons why we are fascinated by vampires.


Vampires are believed as good-looking persons 

This belief only started after the release of the Twilight series, wherein Edward being a vampire is a good-looking man. This then raised the belief that all vampires are good looking. Some may disagree since they haven’t seen one in real, but some got crazy over this belief. I do also believe that this is true.


Cultural background 

Another reason, various cultures believe in the existence of vampires, especially in European countries. Here, vampires are not only dominant but also wizardry and witchcraft that gave birth to the Harry Potter series and so many more. We also can’t deny the fact that we fell in the magical and amazing cultural representations of vampires through the accessories and heritage believed to be used by these creatures.



Since we are rational animals that are good at reasoning and imagination, we utilize it to create non-human creatures such as vampires. We imagine unlimitedly what they look like, their smell, features, special powers if they have, their habitat food, and so many more. With our imaginations, they exist as if they are true despite the lack of evidence yet.


Another thing, our imagination allows us to think of other things about vampires. The results of this, for example, are the books and movies that talk about vampires. There are also blogs, articles, and other entertaining platforms to help us think and imagine vampires.


Believed to have special powers 

In the Twilight series, Edward Cullen, as a vampire, possesses different special powers. He can run fast compared to a normal human being. He has pale white skin, fangs, and fear of sunlight. We also believed that vampires have red, sharp eyes that can either attract or hypnotize a simple human being. Another thing, they are believed to be shapeshifters, and we take bats as their most common transformation.


Great Book and Movie Content 

Reading books and watching movies are both great stress-reliever and time for relaxation. Books and movies that talk about vampires are regarded as great content. Here, we can see and imagine the life of being a vampire as we transcend their personality and life to ours. We are also able to discover certain characteristics, as well as facts about their world. Besides, vampire-focused movies and books are both becoming blockbuster hits when released to the public. Countless supplies are why it isn’t that hard to find.


We may have different perceptions of the idea and existence of vampires, yet most of us can’t deny that we are fascinated by them. Their mysterious and magical world may be different from ours, but there is a part of us that makes us driven to discover and justify it. Do you have the same perceptions as mine, or you have your own? Well, do not hesitate and share it with me. Together, let’s discover and talk about these fascinating vampires and let our imaginations go wider than usual.