Feel the sudden rush of air splashing in your face as your body is being pulled by the force of gravity. A mixture of excitement, thrilling and scary feelings can be experienced when you take a plunge in bungee jumping. The world has amazing places which you can surely enjoy the adrenaline-rushing experience of bungee jumping. Check these places for your vacation spots for your bungee jumping;

Top Five Best Spots for Bungee Jumping

Macau Tower

If you got the nerve to have a free fall in the world’s highest bungee jump, it is better to check the Macau Tower in Macau, China. Imagine that you will jump in a tower that is about 764 feet above the ground. The exciting part is that you will enjoy a free fall for about six seconds, and after that, your bungee cord redounds. The cord redounds when you are about 98 feet off from the ground.

Do not fret, for despite that it may be the highest tower for bungee jumping, but it is also considered as the world’s safest place for this activity with the world’s trusted outfitters, which is the Aj Hackett.

Verzasca Dam

Have a bungee jump al ’a James Bond in this spectacular dam in Ticino, Switzerland. The dam is about 720-foot that is shaped liked an arc spanning the river in Verzasca. You don’t have to be James Bond to experience the jump, for it is safe to bungee jump for it has a bungee cord that serves as your protection. If you want to double the excitement, you can try the night jumps together with the Trekking Teams.

Europabrucke Bridge

If you are into death-defying bungee jumps this place is ideal for you of which you can check out at Innsbruck, Austria. Prepare to take a plunge in this 630-foot-tall bridge that spans across the Wipp Valley for about 2,500 feet. It has a variety of death-defying jumps such as the Rocket Bungy and the Bungy Running. The bungee jumping activities in this place are being operated by Rupert Himmer Bungy Jumping.

Bloukrans Bridge

Satiate your thirst for adrenalin, rushing bungee jump with the world’s highest arch bridge that is a single span and about 709 feet. It is considered the first spot for a bungee jump in the Western Cape, South Africa. It became popular after Face Adrenalin had introduced bungee jumping in the continent in the year 1990. 

Since then, it became a popular destination for trekkers and those who got the hype for bungee jumping. Before you can take a free fall, you have to make a trek to the highest part of the bridge’s arch, and once you are there you can take a plunge while enjoying the scenic view of both the Eastern and Western Cape.

Nic Bridge 

Spice up your excitement by having a leap in the world’s highest suspension bridge. A mixed emotion of excitement and shaky feeling can be felt when you walk in this suspension bridge. It is a bridge that stretches across the 656-foot canyon in the Val d’ Anniviers in Switzerland.

When you take the fall, you will enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains, the flowing Navizence River, and the serenity of the blue skies. Nothing beats the excitement of being with nature and experience the rushing of the air as your body is being pulled down by the force of gravity.

Alright, how are you finding the top five picks best spots for bungee jump?  Tell us in the comment section as we love to know more from you.