If you’re getting married soon, one of your biggest decisions is what games to play at the reception. Too many games will only waste time, but too few will leave your guests bored and restless. Here are some games to play at your wedding that are sure to get your guests laughing, dancing, and feeling good.

Dance off

The days when wedding DJs play boring songs are long gone. When you hire a professional wedding DJ, you’re hiring an artist. A dance-off DJ knows how to play all the right songs, whether it’s a Motown classic, a dance floor filler, or anything that will get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. The best part is that the dance-off DJs can literally DJ your wedding from beginning to end. Professional wedding DJs will play your first dance, cake cutting, garter toss, or any song of your choice. They can also play any song your guests want to hear, as well as any other song you have on your wedding playlist. Best of all, most of them have at least two dance-off tracks in their playlist, just in case.

Ring toss

Ring toss is a game most people know from childhood. It’s simple, easy to play, and can be used to amuse guests and break the ice. However, Ring toss isn’t just a kids’ game. In fact, playing Ring toss at your wedding can be a fun way to amuse guests, especially if you pair this game with some other wedding-related games. For example, bride and groom trivia or guess the bride and groom’s names games can be played with Ring toss. We put together a few fun games you can use at your wedding.

Scavenger hunt 

Scavenger hunts are a popular activity at weddings these days, and it’s understandable why: they’re fun, they encourage guests to interact in new ways, and they inject a bit of excitement into an otherwise routine event. They’re also a cheap and easy way to build excitement around your wedding, and they can be customized to suit any theme or color you want.

A wedding fun game like a Scavenger Hunt is a perfect way to tie together friends and family who may not know each other well, and it’s also a great way for all wedding guests to socialize and mingle. 

Couple trivia 

The bride and groom (b&g) are the centers of every wedding. After all, they are the ones exchanging vows and rings and starting their lives as a married couple. What better way to recognize this than by hosting Couple Trivia at their wedding? It will be a fun element to their day, which will ultimately lead to a more entertaining night for all their guests.

Couples trivia is a fun way for couples to entertain their guests at the wedding reception. The questions can be personal (“Who is this person?”) or silly (“What’s your middle name?”). If you have young children, you can play questions like “What’s your favorite nursery rhyme?” so even little ones can join in on the fun.


Starting a wedding planning journey means you want to be prepared. You want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, you want your guests to have the best time, and you don’t want to see any couple fighting on your big day. That being said, these are 4 games you can include in your reception that is perfect for everyone. If you have any other games you recommend, or if you have any opinions, don’t forget to talk to us in the comments!