I always feel ecstatic whenever the snow falls from the sky. It is very nostalgic. I remember when my friends and I formed a snowman, threw snowballs at one another, and slid in the snow. It was fun and, of course, cold. 

But as an adult now, I could not resist the extreme winter season. Probably, some of you could relate to me too. 

Every time the winter season strikes, I feel a bit afraid because I always suffer from gastroenteritis, norovirus, common cold, bronchitis, and flu, and it is extremely inconvenient. I could not focus in my office, play with my children, spend some quality time with my family, finish my paper works, and miss meeting friends in the bar. 

If you experience the same thing, I understand how uncomfortable it is. But here is what I recommend to my closest friends and relatives during the cold season. Of course, you could also follow it if you want. 

Wear Multiple and Thick Layers of Apparel 

Our ancestors kept themselves warm during medieval times by wearing a linen shirt with mittens made of woolen or leather coats with a hood. 

Things changed today. There are various winter clothing to buy and wear within a tap of a button. Any item will be delivered right away within a few days. It is convenient. 

With a variety of options, it is confusing to pick the right choice. The trick is to pick a high-quality base layer, use a long-sleeve or t-shirt, add fleece or a warm sweatshirt, take advantage of a thick jacket, wear jeans or linen pants, and keep your head warm with a hat. 

Yes, there are a lot of things to wear, which can be heavy. But it is comfy and can protect you from the common cold and flu. 

Keep Your Feet As Warm As Possible 

Baselayer? T-shirt? Fleece? Jacket? Lined pants? There’s more to wear. Do not forget your feet. To keep them dry and warm, all you have to do is pick the right brand of socks, wear the perfect boots, and use appropriate innersoles. Most importantly, staying active is helpful to boost your body circulation. You can jog in place or stamp your feet.

Burn Wood in Your Fireplace or Hearth

During my childhood, my mom, dad, or grandparents would burn pieces of wood in our fireplace or hearth. 

It was comforting. But not all of you have a hearth or fireplace at home as we now have a programmable thermostat.

Unlike a fireplace, there is no need to burn wood in a house designed with a programmable thermostat. 

It is popular for a reason. It lets you control the temperature automatically and reduce yearly energy costs. Plus, it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Most options are available with a touch of a button or a remote control. 

Clean the Gutters Regularly 

Gutters are developed to collect rainwater from your roofing system. But over time, they accumulate dirt, dry leaves, and twigs. An unclean gutter can lead to ice buildup that can ruin your comfort during the winter season. So, I would suggest people clean their gutters and downspouts. Surprisingly, it is one of the things that people overlook. 

What’s Next? 

What is your experience during the winter season? How do you keep yourself warm and comfy? Perhaps, you have tried to cover yourself up with thick layers of protective yet stylish apparel. Maybe, it does not work. Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below. I would appreciate it. So, what are you waiting for? Be the first person to comment below.