The inventions made people’s life more convenient, made communication easier and smarter, and made the healthcare process faster.

The shared goal of the 3 inventions was to make life easier and more productive. I feel that the 3 inventions have had a tremendous positive effect and advancement in our world.

The Top 3 Successful Inventions Last Year

The inventions listed below were successful because they positively impacted the world. These inventions helped improve people’s lives.

  • Starkey Livio Al – Advanced Hearing Aids – Starkey Livio Al hearing aids are eight years in the making. They enable clearer hearing than ever, with best-in-class features, fittings, and battery life. Starkey Livio Al hearing aids are the most advanced in the Starkey Livio range to date and boast a host of groundbreaking new features, from connectivity to miniaturization. These hearing aids look and function like my everyday hearing aid. Most users, especially me, notice an improvement within 3-4 hours. Starkey Livio Al costs up to 25% less than a traditional hearing aid.
  • Valve Index – Valve Index is the world’s first 100Hz mechanical keyboard. However, it’s not the only new tech Valve has been working on. Now the company has built a new controller, the Index Controller, with haptic feedback and support for SteamVR 2.0. The company also has two new controllers coming out later this year, the Index and Index Pro.
  • Flexwarm Smart Jacket – The Flexwarm Smart Jacket (YKJ) is a wearable technology jacket worn to stay warm in the winter. It controls my body temperature by heating or cooling according to my demand. I only need to wear a YJK; no extra components are needed. The jacket uses wireless power to transfer heat from the battery so that it does not need to charge it. Furthermore, the jacket has a battery pack that stores power for 24 hours of use. The YJK also has other features, such as fingerprint recognition. The fingerprint recognition allows the user to unlock their jacket and makes it easier for the owner to charge it. 

If an invention comes into existence, it increases the level of efficiency. So also, the new technology helps in the production, goods, and services better.

It is always good and rewarding to come up with new inventions that can help people and save their life of the people. This just made a lot of sense. Anyway, it is always good to create products that will help people.