To put it simply, there are no supplements or foods that can enhance the immune system and treat or avoid Covid-19. Nonetheless, consuming a well-balanced diet, with lots of vegetables and fruits, animal and plant proteins, whole grains and healthy fats is the most excellent way in order to get the necessary nutrients you need to have normal immune function and good health. As self-isolation may lead people to become less active, it is significant to focus on food portions and to sustain the energy balance adjusted in order to meet the daily needs.

It is important for you to create a routine and apply mindful eating. During these times of improbability, it is usual to become anxious, stressed, scared and sad. Sustaining a normal routine on a daily basis can aid manage these types of stressors. One way you can do it is by following standard mealtimes and preparing meals ahead of time. In this way, it can help people better control the levels of hunger, meet the nutrient necessities and enable people to take advantage of the food that is on the table, decreasing food waste.

Throughout long periods of anxiety, people may find themselves eating a lot more than they need. In addition, remaining at home for a lot of tome may lead people to eat snacks due to boredom as well. Exercising mindful eating is a practical way in order to sustain a beneficial connection with food and it helps people to balance their intake of energy.

There are a variety of tips to help people further practice mindful eating and these are:

  • Do not eat when you are pre-occupied. It is hard to know how much you intake a food once you are busy while eating. It is important to take a seat and eat properly
  • Avoid eating foods that you put into a box or bag. It is best to eat foods that are served as you will be able to appreciate and see how much and what you are eating
  • Eliminate distractions. Turn the television off and all your gadgets such as cellphones, laptops and computers while eating
  • Take tiny bites and chew the food well as it allows you to concentrate on the texture, taste and smell of the food. You need to try to have at least 30 chews at every bite of the food
  • Try placing the utensils down after every bite. Do not just pick them back up as long as you have consumed what you have already in your mouth
  • Do not try to eat all the food that is on your plate. If you are already full, it is not a sin to keep leftovers

Being hydrated is important for the overall health of a person. How much water does a person needs is dependent upon the weight, sex, age, environmental conditions and physical activity levels. Considering that almost 20 to 30 percent of the water a person needs is from the food eaten.

For those who are reading this commentary, what is the best product for you to serve during your meals? Actually, there is no one product that can be served throughout the daily meals since the preference of people are different. However, it is still best to stick to your daily diet in order to stay fit and healthy.