Farthest Frontier is a newly released medieval survival city builder game. Here, you can create your city in the undomesticated wilderness and defend your people. Create items and trade them to widen your town.

What is Farthest Frontier?

As briefly mentioned earlier, Farthest Frontier is a city-building game where you design a city in the middle of nowhere. Your goal is to create buildings where your people can hunt, chop down firewood, fish, gather food, and build different buildings to store your goods and foods.

As your city grows, your citizens will require more things to make them satisfied, and you will have to provide that will also defend them from any raiders. You can also decide to turn off hostile animals and raiders, especially if you wish to concentrate on creating your city without thinking about the safety of your citizens.


Farthest Frontier may not have the most exquisite graphics of all video games, but they look decent for a medieval city-building game. The buildings there are quite detailed, not to mention they also look unique.

The graphics for the surroundings look good as well. The water, grass, trees, and rocks all look nice. The enemies, carts, and animals are decently made too.

What I love about this video game is that as the buildings you create upgrade, they also change. How cool is that? The environments look amazing, and it is stunning because the game file size is quite small.

The graphics are visually appealing, not to mention they have a realistic look rather than a stylized appearance, which other city-building video games utilize.

What’s more, the graphics aren’t the best you will ever see. Nonetheless, they look awesome for a city-building game. It might not be the most exclusive art graphics or design, but I like the way the game looks overall.


Have I mentioned that the game enables you to personalize your scenario before you begin? You can pick what the environment will look like, the types of animals available on the map, and the weather conditions.

You can also pick how aggressive bandit raids will be inside the game or even disable them. There are also crop failures and diseases available in the game.

You see, the amount of customization you will find in Farthest Frontier is quite nice, and there might be more in the future. The game offers a decent amount of customization features, but it might not be an exciting amount of customization for me.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

Since Farthest Frontier is in its infancy process, not all the features have been executed, and not all the bugs have been resolved.

For instance, I’ve encountered a bug where citizens are taken in for medical treatment, but they go sliding across the map. It is an interesting bug, but I am certain it will be patched sooner or later.

There are also concerns with farming being bugged frequently. I’ve heard that the game could be a performance hog, but that is also a problem.

Also, there are bugs that I haven’t experienced. So, if you are interested in this video game but do not like to think about the game being buggy, I recommend waiting for the complete release before buying the game.

Is Farthest Frontier Worth Waiting For?

Personally, Farthest Frontier is a lot of fun. It is a good twist on the city-building genre with unique challenges. I like the gameplay, have had hours of fun, and I am thrilled about future updates.

I suggest Farthest Frontier if you like city-building games. However, I don’t feel you must purchase it now unless you like to play it immediately. It’s worth your money and time, but you’ll have to choose whether you like to spend it now or later.

What are your thoughts about this game?