Both my mom and dad encouraged me to get into the sport, aside from academics at a young age. But I couldn’t find the one that I wanted. I tried basketball before, but I didn’t fall in love with it. I tried football and ice hockey, but I couldn’t relate to it easily until I was encouraged by a close friend of mine to give the equestrian sport a shot.

At first, I was afraid to ride a horse, but it went smoothly as time went by. It’s too much fun that I could highly recommend to my friends, relatives, and colleagues. 

For those who don’t know the equestrian sport, it is a sport which is commonly known as horseback riding. Although it seems a simple activity, it is intense and complicated as there are a lot of things for the rider to learn and master, which I found fascinating and exciting. 

What Fascinates Me the Most with Equestrian Sport? 

Equestrian sport is not as popular as basketball or football. But don’t underestimate the intensity and complexity of horseback riding. Here are a few reasons that extremely fascinate me since then:


It is Visually Stunning 

As an enthusiast, I always attend horseback riding competitions, and it always leaves me in awe. As contestants start racing, I find it stunning. Aside from the courage of every rider, the horses themselves are fantastic. The speed, the mane, and the tail always leave me in amazement. If you haven’t witnessed an equestrian sport before, it is something you must watch and try. I tell you what. It would be a great experience you wouldn’t regret. 


A Wide Range of Events For Everyone

In basketball, there are dunks, 3-point shots, impressive defense/offense, and buzzer beaters that would boost your adrenaline. 

In equestrian sport, there are highlights to expect. The range of events, for example, is another thing that I love. It usually consists of cross country, dressage, and jumping, making the sport breathtaking and unique in its own way. 


Every Jump is Insane and Picture-Perfect

Another thing that I couldn’t afford to watch is the jump of horses. It is extremely insane and jaw-dropping. 

As an enthusiast, I also tried that jump a hundred times. But I couldn’t perfect it yet as it requires a lot of courage, patience, experience, and skills. Soon, I could be able to make it like a pro, hopefully. 


The Outfits are the Best 

Every time I wear outfits during a horseback riding event, It’s very nostalgic. It always brings me back to the past, which is good for me. It also makes me feel excited and nervous at the same time.


It’s Dangerous 

I don’t know why I love how dangerous the Equestrian sport is. Maybe, I just want different challenges and new skills to learn. 

Getting hurt is part of any sport. But winning the prize is fulfilling. You’d realize that your efforts are worth it when you bring home the bacon. 

Still, I’d recommend horseback riding to everyone willing to try something new or want a challenging recreational activity. 


Learn Skills You Would Apply in Real-Life Scenarios 

The sport taught me to work harder amid failure. It improves my self-confidence, patience, self-discipline, emotional control, and respect for animals. It also enhances my critical thinking skills and improves my concentration. 


What’s Next? 

Are you searching for a sport that’s intense and exciting? Don’t look further than the equestrian sport. 

What’s your thought? Please feel free to share your opinions and experiences in the comment section below! Anything that comes to your mind is acceptable. Enjoy!