Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a huge game with many things going on—from factions and politics to numerous missions and side quests, a remarkable, ever-growing skillset, and the infected, of course. The newest title of Techland has everything you need.

Aiden Caldwell shoves us into a fast-paced world of politics, survival, scheming, and awesome combat. The game world is big, and thus it’s simple to get lost for hours with either the brutal combat, side quests, or story mode. Of course, running for your life as evening hunts keep you on your toes!

Day Light 2: Stay Human is certainly an enjoyable experience allowing its players a good sense of accomplishment, along with each hidden mystery discovered, unique infected defeated, and new map areas uncovered.

The Story

Personally, I find the story a little bit light. Fortunately, it doesn’t detract from the awesomeness of the entire experience. I also found it simple to get lost in trying to help everybody with their requests and side quests that I’d put off the main story missions for hours. Even so, nothing felt like pointless or wasted effort running around.

The world in the game is huge. You can play around for thousands of hours without getting over it or even completing the game itself. Of course, that is if you’re an adventurer and collector like us, who prides ourselves on finding all Easter Eggs and collectibles on offer.

Stay Human revolves around the idea that each decision you make shape the story narrative and the world. Thus, you should be trying to be a little bit strategic in how you pick your factions and who gets control of which part of the city.


With the game world’s vastness and all the vertical space accessible to explore, Aiden’s ever-increasing parkour skills are magnificent. You’re always on the move in the game, and potentially, your most valuable asset is your parkour skills.

Concentrating on upgrading and improving that skill tree is essential and integral at the same time. The ability to slowly combine and integrate your parkour movement skills into your combat is another challenge this game gets right.

Further, the combat is somewhat brutal and rather satisfying. Therefore, the infusion of all that movement takes that needed a little bit over the top.


The gameplay feels fluid, with many mechanicals working precisely as they should. I did not encounter any major problems or bugs throughout any of my sessions.

When we talk about the multiplayer mode, some of the gaming memories I had with this are shared experiences with real-life buddies and helping assist random strangers in an open world who clan up and later on turn into amazing friends.

Another thing I liked about Dying Light 2 is that it has a good feature known as calling for help every time you’re stuck in the game. That calls on any other active online player to come and assist you. Who knows? That might be your next gaming buddy!


On the technical side, playing at 4K 60fps on the next-generation console helps to improve the entire gameplay experience. The integration of the haptic feedback of Play Station 5 to mechanics such as throwable objects is a smooth trick. It is also much valued by a gamer who has not come across the game made with that system in mind.

For people asking if you should play the first game to appreciate this one, well, you don’t need that. Dying Light 2: Stay Human is considered a stand-alone story and could be easily enjoyed without having picked up Dying Light before.

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