The Triangle strategy game starts slowly, and once done, pressing the "new game" will lead you to a series of events. You will also be introduced to your character which is Serenoa Wolfort, and his story. There will be a long narration about the history of the fantasy land—a cut scene after one which introduces the characters. There is also an intro battle for you to try, which is easy.

As the game progress, it starts to go intense with a touch of human political play. An increasing number of characters in the game makes it more interesting. Gathering information and understanding the character's beliefs and relationships are essential in this game. What's great about the Triangle strategy is its two-dimensional pixel art character that exists in the world of three-dimensional. The zoom in and out, tilt to a top-down view of the game, are very great to play on the Switch or even on TV.

One important thing you should do is start it with the plot and setting as it is a heavy game. In the land of Norzelia, magic exists, but the weapon and tools are essential. The characters fight against the political authori8ty for the resources. There are also three states which are fighting over the control of iron and salt. However, because the mining project they're a symbol of peace, it makes them be one. However, things changed, and another battle began.

 The typical human story fighting against ambition and resources is common in games, but what makes it more interesting is Triangle Strategy are filled with ancient gods and mad mages in threat of destroying their world. It is kind of refreshing to play the game with its machinations.

Gallery in Triangle Strategy

With the help of the small phases of exploration, you can gather more information in the game, like the Wolfort village full of traps, and making an invasion is easier to do. The second dialogues give a clearer view of the character's identity. All your decisions from the little dialogues and actions from the combat are being gathered and summarized to let you unlock a particular path and new characters.

The voting system is also deployed very well in some critical ways. What's good about Triangle strategy is their combat system that initially felt like a tactical RPG. Another great about this game is its level design and amazing tactic game. The combat form of the triangle strategy is similar to the Final fantasy tactics in which you can have 8 to 12 characters. Each of the characters has different skills and stats. This game has a simpler progression, and characters are stronger, which allows great advantages. However, their enemies can also be tougher when they pick up their own strengths. Reshaping your character in this game is not entirely, but you have the chance to use or upgrade your character with weapons and others. 

Triangle Strategy (formerly Project Triangle) is a tactical role-playing game (RPG) from Square Enix. The game takes place in a world where the world's natural resources are being depleted at unsustainable rates. As Serenoa, you inherit a kingdom called Glenbrook from your mother. At the same time, a mysterious group calling themselves the Triumvirate—the Axis, the Serpent, and the Reaper—declare war on the Kingdom. Your goal is to regain control of Glenbrook and put an end to the war. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have struggled for control over limited resources. As the oldest game genre, tactical role-playing has explored these themes for countless generations.