TemTem is now considered to be one of the best games that could surpass the popularity of Pokémon in the market. Even though Pokémon is now experiencing franchise fatigue, it cannot be denied that it is still considered to be nostalgia and powerhouse breadwinner.

It cannot be denied that Pokémon and TemTem have a lot of similarities. But still, TemTem also has a unique set of differences. In this post, we are going to provide you some of the reasons that TemTem could surpass Pokémon.

It is a Multiplayer

One of the most noticeable differences between Pokémon and TemTem is that the first one enables you to connect with other players but by following their fixed terms. This means that Pokémon Shield and Sword enables you to play using the VS menu. If you are lucky enough, you might also be encouraged to join the Dynamax raids and play with the other players.

On the other hand, TemTem enables you to play the game with the other trainers. By walking through its world, you may be bumped with different players that you can play co-op, battle, or trade with. TemTem allows you to socialize with other players. This is always true whether you are playing the game with your friends, or you just want to boost your battle prowess and Terms.

It is Multiform

The first thing you need to have to play Pokémon is to have a Nintendo console. If you don’t have a Nintendo console, you may consider playing TemTem. This is because it has already expanded its goals on CremaGames and Kickstarter.

This is one of the obvious advantages of TemTem against Pokémon, knowing that millions of players can access it easily and conveniently. Even though we cannot guarantee that the Early Access and Kickstarter campaign will be followed by devs, it cannot be denied that there is a high chance to reach success in the future. In addition to that, even though it is available in just a short period, TemTem went through several updates. Aside from that, CremaGames become more communicative in its various social media platforms.

It is Being Developed Through Early Access

Another advantage of TemTem over Pokémon is that it is developed through Early Access. Knowing that people of a particular community has the freedom to share their thoughts and even reshape the game, it is worth noting that TemTem’s fans would feel less annoyed and disappointed about how the game will possibly end. It cannot be denied that pleasing everyone is not an easy task. Bit considering this collaborative approach, it is safe to say that it won’t cause any controversy and range.

It is More Challenging

There are two aspects that you will encounter in the game. These are difficulty and balance. These two aspects are attached to the game from its development through the Early Access. One of the great things you will love about TemTem is that it offers more challenging battles compared to Pokémon.

It’s Got New Battle Ideas

If you have ever experienced playing a Pokémon battle, you may notice that the battles offered by Temtem and Pokémon’s are almost the same. But what’s good with TemTem is that they add more interesting battle ideas that could attract a lot of players around the world.

One of the differences you can notice between Pokémon and TemTem is that the latter offers a 2v2 battle. This means that it facilitates the co-op feature of TemTem. But aside from that, this difference also makes the fight more interesting than the Pokémon. Instead of playing a 1v1 game that requires you to take down one creature, TemTem’s innovations and upgrades provide varied match-ups.


If you have any thoughts about TemTem and Pokémon, do not hesitate to share it below.