Tell me, honestly. When you go to hair salons, do you like to bring a picture of the celebrity that you really adore and asked the hairstylist to do the same haircut for you? Because many people actually do, and some are left with regret. Those people are left wondering what the reason why the haircut isn’t giving the same vibe when your favorite celebrity went for that hairstyle and looked glamorous is.

You might think it’s because these celebrities have professional hairstylists, well that’s a part of it, but that is not the only reason! Another reason why the hairstyle that you went for doesn’t really fit you is because of the shape of your face. We all know that confidence is the only thing you need to rock a new cut, trying to figure out what your face shape isn’t that bad! When you get a hairstyle that suits your face shape, you’ll walk the streets with confidence over 10,000!

So, let’s look at some face shapes:

  • Oval Face
    A face that is oval-shaped doesn’t have any points or angles that are prominent. You are very lucky if you have this kind of head shape because it considered as versatile for many hairstyles. The shape is very well balanced, and it is also proportioned evenly. If you are trying to choose a hairstyle for this face shape, just make sure that you do not elongate you face. You should remember to keep your face clear. Do not do heavy bangs because it makes your face shorter and avoid one-length hairstyle because they make your face look longer.
  • Heart-Shaped
    If you have a heart shaped head, your prominent feature is your forehead! A shape like this also comes with cheekbones that literally can kill. Searching for a hairstyle that can fit? You can accentuate your face that is tapered or try balancing it with you creating a face wider. This shape has a hairline that is like the widow’s peak, so you should keep in mind not to style your hair in the middle.
  • Square Face
    This type of face is wide, forehead, the cheekbones, and also the jawline’s width are nearly the same. A jawline that is strong is the main feature that Square shaped faces have. You can try to accentuate your face’s squareness or making your jawline that is strong a little softer. Do not go for bangs that are thick and hairstyles that are blunt because these two can accentuate the angles of your face.
  • Round Face
    The length and width are the same for the people who have round faces. They have no prominent corners or angles and often have a babyface. This means you look a lot younger and you can fit hairstyle that are modern.
  • Long Face
    This is an oval shape but longer. Your goal for this shape is to make it look wider than it actually is so it could balance the long length that it has. You should keep in mind to never go past mid-length because this makes your face appear much longer and it will make it look weird.
  • Diamond Shaped
    To identify if you have a diamond face is if your forehead and your jawline have the same width, you your cheekbones are the widest part of your face along with a chin that is narrow. You should accentuate you shape. This can pull off any hairstyle though there are some that you should not style your hair. But, all in all, they will look glamorous in any hairstyle.

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