Well, who wouldn’t say no to strong, healthy, and perfectly manicured nails? We all yearn for it! They help you pull off a dazzling appearance, whether in social or corporate events. But to turn them into gorgeous assets, you should provide them with proper treatment – just as how you do for your skin and hair.

While this seems a no-brainer, many still fall into myths. For instance, you might love pampering yourself with a regular professional manicure. But in reality, it could actually cause your fingernails to become fragile and dry. Perhaps you have been told to trim your cuticles during a manicure, which is never a good idea.

Ready to achieve those picture-inspired lovely nails? You don’t need to visit the salon every day as long as you have these five simple tips at hand.

Practice good nail hygiene

Undeniably, the simplest and cheapest way to have a set of nice-looking fingernails. When we say good nail hygiene, it covers everything from caring for your cuticles to preventing harsh supplies.

We have mentioned that you shouldn’t cut your cuticles, and this idea is supported by experts. That’s because cuticles act as a natural barrier against bacteria and fungus. Removing them will not only make your cuticles look tatty and inflamed but will also cause infections. It eventually leads to constant nail damage.

Moreover, avoid using harsh nail hardeners, removers, and similar items. They will do more harm than good. It is also advised to hydrate your hands often with lukewarm water to keep your nails and hands soft. Wear gloves while cleaning a house, washing dishes, gardening, and other household activities.

Use moisturizer

Make good moisture as the foundation of your nail care regimen. Have a suitable time to moisturize your hands, cuticle, and nail bed. Doing so will make your fingernails look better, prevent potential breaking or cracks, and promote healthy growth.

Apply protective layers (coats)

This is perhaps one of the underrated ways to take care of nails. Applying top and bottom coats keeps the nails from cracking, chipping, and tearing. Look for a topcoat with a stout external barrier for long-lasting wear and tear protection.

Your skin is not the only one that will benefit from UV protection, but your beloved nails as well. It is also recommended to choose a coating with UV formula to fight environmental harm, such as yellowing.

Choose your nail care products wisely

Nail polish easily tempts wearers with its bright and stunning colors. But before you totally give in, ensure it is free from toxic chemicals like diethyl phthalates and formaldehyde. Read the label thoroughly. These chemicals can cause nail thinning, crumbliness, and dryness. The product must also be vegan as well as devoid of sulfate, gluten, and paraben.

Also, pick your nail files, brush, and remover prudently. You would want to use a gentle nail brush, crystal or glass nail file, and non-acetone removers.

The goodness of Biotin

What some people don’t realize is that Biotin does a marvel to their hair, skin, and nails. According to some research, this meek compound could help strengthen fragile or weak nails. You can ask your doctor if you want to take the nutritional supplement biotin.

Although, you can also find it in some foods. Avocado and whole grains are among the best sources of biotin you can easily integrate into your regular diet. Include a few glasses of water to keep hydrated, and your nails will thank you.

Top up these handy tips with a thoughtful beauty routine and well-balanced diet, and you’re ready to get salon-worthy fingernails. Try them, and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below!