What is Fair Fashion?

Fashion can be referred to as aesthetic expressions at a given place or time and in more specific contexts of lifestyles, clothing, makeup, hairstyles, footwear, body proportions, and more. This likewise alludes to ways or processes on how things are made..


Fashion Repeats Itself Every Years

Every year, as the world gets hotter and we’re hit with more and more extreme weather events, it becomes increasingly obvious that fashion is repeating itself. We have seen the same trends crop up time and again. The same patterns in color, shape, and des..


The Best Home Remedies to Clean Your Clothes

When it comes to cleanliness, your clothes are probably the biggest culprit. Maybe that’s why washing machines have become so efficient. But even though your washing machine removes 99.9 percent of germs, there are still lingering germs and bacteria in yo..

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