Why is the German School System so Bad?

If you want to know about how German children learn, you might be asking yourself about the school system of Germany. You probably heard that the school system in Germany schools is quite bad. In connection with that, you want to know about the possible reasons behind it.

In this post, you will learn why the German school system is so bad. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The Big Why Explained

The school children in Germany are being separated when they finished their four school years in primary school. But, a person named Gabriele Bellenberg criticized it. She stated that there are lots of school children in Germany usually fall by the wayside.

Almost all parents in Germany want their kids to spend their secondary school years at a Gymnasium school type. In general, only 39 percent of the family’s wish comes true.

The problem here is that less than half of the entire children are being picked to spend their school days at the Gymnasium. One of the reasons why the German school system is bad is that they only pick those students who can finish their academic careers. Aside from that, the child’s school performance during his or her primary school years is also a factor that affects the selection process.

Another reason is that German schools base their selection to the social background of the student. This is because they believed that the parents should have strong attention in asserting their aspirations for the children in the future.

In German schools, at the end of each school career, you can notice that the academic achievements and the social background of the students are related. You will notice this if you are going to compare it with the other international standards.

This kind of school system should be abolished. There is no reliable reason why a German school should allocate the students at a very early stage. This is like disregarding the skills of other students to be improved. In German schools, when your child has a poor German language skill during his or her primary school, they will not be given a chance to improve their skills to be qualified for the secondary-school standards.

After reading the reasons why the German school system is so bad, you might be wondering about the possible things that should be done to improve it.

One of the things that should be done to have a better school system in Germany is to change its current structure. The German schools should give a chance to those students who want to finish their studies and improve the current skills and knowledge that they have. They should implement a school system that will enable the students to pick the school track they want to pursue – whether it is a vocational track or academic track. Through this, children will be more flexible in studying the paths they have chosen.

Another thing that can help Germany to have a better school system is to have a little bit of monitoring. Monitoring that is not too excessive and does not enforce the creativity of the teacher that much will enable the students to learn independently. As stated by Stollhans, German school systems should implement less pressure on the side of the student and the teacher. As a result, they are capable of keeping their attention focused on the educational process instead of the possible outcomes.


The German school system should be improved to enable the students to improve their current skills and knowledge. There are lots of things that can be done to change the current school system in Germany. If you still have suggestions, then do not hesitate to leave your comment below.