Imagine, you’re in the office, and you keep sneezing while finishing all the paperwork. It is disappointing, right?

Let’s say you are in a meeting. Then, you cough while doing a presentation. That’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

Having a cold can impact your everyday life. Sometimes, you would feel sick. So, you can’t go to work, meet a friend, go to your parent’s house in town, or enjoy your favorite food.

Now, is there a way to protect yourself from this illness? Definitely! Here are some basic and useful tips you can weigh in mind:

Proper Hygiene

It would be unethical to avoid colleagues and friends with a cold. Proper hygiene can make a big difference, according to medical professionals. If you shake hands with one of them, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water. Washing hands sounds basic. But a lot of people are unable to do it. Make it a habit for your safety.

Include Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer in Your Kit

It would be uncomfortable to bring soap and water wherever you go. For your convenience, there are alcohol-based hand sanitizers you can use everywhere, from schools to malls.

Make sure the alcohol content is around 70% or more to kill germs and other bacteria as quickly as possible. Then, apply a generous amount of alcohol.

Also, don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest option. Always purchase something of good quality, trusted, and experts-recommended.

Make your Surroundings as Clean as Possible

When someone in the family gets sick, let him rest in his room for everyone’s safety. Then, try to sanitize light switches, doorknobs, tablets, remote, and other stuff.

Yes, it can be troublesome. But it would pay off at the end of the day. For patients, it would also be best to be careful.

A Healthy Lifestyle

According to an infectious disease specialist and internal medicine in Lexington, KY, a healthy lifestyle can protect a person from a cold and other contagious illnesses.

Don’t smoke. Keep your allergies controlled. Get good nutrition. Enough rest is also important. Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated.

Keep the Air Clean

The flu and common colds are types of respiratory infections. The viruses can travel thru the air in a tiny droplet of mucus.

For that reason, people with a cold can spread the virus when they sneeze or cough.

To reduce the risk of infection, it is helpful to cover your face every time you cough or sneeze.

Take Zinc Supplements

Our body needs many vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals every day. Of course, not everyone can afford such a costly diet.

This is where zinc supplements can play a critical role. Based on a review, zinc deficiency is one of the primary reasons why our immune response gets weakened.

But enough zinc intake can reduce the duration of a common cold to 33% according to experts.

Fiber is Good

Fiber is known for regulating digestion and preventing constipation.

That’s not all! Fiber can provide other health benefits. A 2018 study indicated that dietary fiber could boost our immune system. That means we can fight off diseases.

Fiber-packed foods include spinach, carrots, squash, papaya, and other leafy greens.

Regular Exercise

Generally, any workout routine can improve our health and well-being. It can also reduce a heart disease, anxiety, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and more.

Walking, running, lifting weights, and stretching will be your best bet.

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