If you’ve got an iPad, a PC, or a smartphone, chances are you’ve played at least one 4X (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) game. Think Civilization, Colonization, Civilization Revolution, Rise of Nations, and even older classics like Sid Meier’s Civilization. They’re all pretty much the same game, with a different skin, but they all have the same structure: explore an empty map, build up a civilization and gather resources, then go conquer the world.

These games may have similar formats, but there will always be that one game that stands out from the rest. Have you ever heard of the video game called Old World?

Revisiting the Old World: Knowing More About the Game

In the midst of a golden age for old-school 4X video games, there’s an old-school 4X game out there that’s a little bit different and a lot less prestigious than others. It’s called “Old World,” and at its heart, it’s about building an empire in a medieval fantasy world, but a lot more ‘sim’ than ‘Strategy.’ It’s a challenging game, and from its small community, it’s become an embedded part of the 4X genre.

Old World is a subgenre of the grand strategy video game category. The games are turn-based, with players taking their turn to collect resources, build up a settlement, and send their characters into the wilds to conquer rivals through combat and diplomacy. It’s a game where the player has a certain amount of “real-world” time to work with, but they must plan ahead for what they do with that time. Think of it as being in a strict time limit in a board game, but with less direction given from the game itself.

The Old World Advantages

As old as games are, there’s always room for improvement. So, what are the advantages to playing an Old World 4X game?

  • Fresh game mechanics. Well, for starters, there are tons of tweaks to the game mechanics that make them feel fresh and new. The biggest of these is the Old World’s four-color hex-based map. Instead of the traditional three-color grid, the Old World map uses a hexagonal grid shaped by six numbered spaces, arranged in a manner similar to a six-sided dice (hence the name).

  • The game focuses on the same 4X gameplay mechanics. It is not a Civilization game in which you have to micromanage every single aspect of your civilization’s development and growth. Instead, it becomes all about the core elements of 4X, and the player has the choice to focus on his strengths or weaknesses.

  • Has a great game format. As one of the largest and oldest video game franchises in existence, there are many, many things to like about the Civilization series by Firaxis. One of those things is that its 4X game format makes it both easy and fun to learn—impossible to master but easy to pick up and learn.

The Old World Disadvantages

Video games are an incredibly interesting and dynamic business in our modern era. Throughout the history of video games, they have played a major role in the lives of many and will continue to influence us for years to come. However, video games have also made a number of mistakes that have prevented them from progressing and even caused them to take steps backward.

One of the most common complaints of Old World gamers is its lack of multiplayer. Sure, you can play with your online friends or maybe meet up with new ones at LAN parties, but with no formal competition out there, the dominant game experience in Old World is solo play.


Games are not just a way for us to have fun. They are our means of relaxation, of entertainment, and also a way to unwind. For many of us, video games are also the most exciting part of our social lives. But just because video games are fun doesn’t mean they don’t have any consequences! Video games have been proven to make people feel lonely, depressed, and isolated. Playing video games regularly can affect how you feel about those around you.

So, what about you? What are your thoughts on the 4K video game called Old World?