Skiing is one of the mainstream winter activities that are good for your whole family. Because of this, ski resorts are now in demand in the market. The majority of the skiers prefer to experience the snows and landscape of the mountainsides.

The best-known ski resorts in the world are mainly found in North America and Europe. However, the Winter Olympics 1988 put Japan on the ski map. There are so many considerations in selecting the best ski resorts for the vacation of your family. You may want to opt for the wide varieties and challenges of the terrain, lift access, and snow conditions. All these factors are always being considered by the skiers when choosing an ideal ski resort for their activity.

When planning to visit ski resorts, make sure that a well-equipped and qualified backcountry guide accompanies you. It is because most of the mountains provide backcountry terrain that is delicate and unpredictable. Moreover, restrictions and policies of some countries for these recent years vary because their utmost priority is the health and safety of their guests.

Either you choose to travel or go skiing on your local mountains, it would also be important if you will check updates of international travel and websites of some ideal ski resorts in any places. You can find the best terrain for you by checking our top listed best ski resorts in the world:

Whistler Blackcomb 

Combined with the terrains of the 2 mountains, it is now the premier ski resort in Canada. The terrain provides more than 200 runs, accessible through 37 lifts. With its more than 3-kilometer peak 2 peak gondola joining the 2 mountaintops, it is now considered the longest unsupported lifespan in the world.


This place is for serious skiers who are looking for thrills of snow for a lifetime. It is the largest Alpine ski domain globally, with 600 kilometers of connected ski runs crossing 10 summits. It also offers 150 km of Alpine ski slopes that are accessed by 60 lifts. After skiing and you may want to satisfy your hunger, you can see restaurants in the five villages there.


This place is recognized as the highest sports area during winter in the Alps. Aside from that, it has an extreme vertical drop in the country of Switzerland. You can also see the stunning peak of Matterhorn from everywhere within its 350 kilometers of slopes and trails.

Vail Mountain Resort

Vail is one of the largest ski resorts in the world. It offers challenging terrain that keeps an avid skier busy. This resort is widely known because of its size of more than 5,289 acres with 31 lifts.

Aspen Snowmass 

Among the top-rated ski resorts of Colorado, this is made up of 4 different ski areas surrounding the village of Aspen and Snowmass. The combination of terrains of Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Buttermilk, and Aspen Highlands almost exceeds 5,500 acres. Buttermilk is commonly known for hosting Winter Christmas Games 2002. January 28-31, 2021 is the next schedule for this game in this place.


It is one of the most prominent ski resorts in Colorado. Many skiers want to visit this place since it has a stunning setting that is abundant in challenging terrain and slopes at an altitude with consistent snow.


With those top-rated and popular best ski resorts in the world, I’m hoping that you can choose the right one for your and for your family’s vacation. If you also know some of the stunning and challenging ski resorts in some other places, then you may share those resorts by providing your experiences there. You may share your ideas and experiences in the comment section.